Stellar Lumen (XLM) Price Could Continue Higher Towards $0.1400

  • Stellar lumen price formed a solid support near $0.1180 and traded higher against the US Dollar.
  • XLM price broke the key $0.1200 and $0.1250 resistance levels to start an upward move.
  • There was a break above a major bearish trend line with resistance at $0.1250 on the 4-hours chart (data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair is currently struggling to clear $0.1300, above which it could rally towards $0.1400 or $0.1500.

Stellar lumen price is trading with a positive bias above $0.1250 against the US Dollar. XLM price is likely to break the $0.1300 barrier and extend gains towards the $0.1500 level.

Stellar Lumen Price Analysis (XLM to USD)

This past week, stellar lumen price climbed higher steadily against the US Dollar. Earlier, the XLM/USD pair formed a solid support near $0.1180 and later traded higher. It remained stable above the $0.1220 level and the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). Moreover, it broke the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level of the downward move from the $0.1443 high to $0.1169 low.

Finally, there was a break above a major bearish trend line with resistance at $0.1250 on the 4-hours chart. The pair even traded above the $0.1280 level and recently spiked above the $0.1300 resistance. It seems like the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the downward move from the $0.1443 high to $0.1169 low is acting as a strong resistance for the bulls.

If there is an upside break above $0.1300, the price could continue to rise in the near term. An immediate resistance is near the $0.1340 level. It represents the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level of the downward move from the $0.1443 high to $0.1169 low. If the price accelerates above $0.1340, it could rally towards $0.1400 or even $0.1420.

On the downside, an initial support is near the $0.1280 level. If the price starts a downside correction below $0.1280, it could test the $0.1250 support. The 55 simple moving average (4-hours) is also near the $0.1240 level to act as a support. Therefore, dips from the current level may perhaps find a strong support near $0.1250 or $0.1240.

Stellar Lumen Price Analysis (XLM to USD)

The chart indicates that XLM price is placed in a decent uptrend above $0.1250 and $0.1280. If the bulls gain strength above $0.1300, there could be continuous gains. The next stop for them could be $0.1400 or even $0.1450. On the downside, a close below $0.1240 might negate the bullish view.

Technical Indicators

4 hours MACD – The MACD for XLM/USD is currently gaining strength in the bullish zone.

4 hours RSI – The RSI for XLM/USD is currently well above the 50 level, with a positive bias.

Key Support Levels – $0.1280 and $0.1250.

Key Resistance Levels – $0.1300, $0.1340 and $0.1400.

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Cheap Meal Prep Ideas: Eat Like a King for Pennies on the Dollar

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If you’re always on the run, trying to lose weight or just want to have take the guesswork out of what’s for lunch or dinner all the time, then it’s time to find some meal prep ideas and give meal prepping a go! 

Meal prepping is one of the best ways to…

  • eat better meals,
  • lose/maintain weight through portion control,
  • save money by avoiding last minute fast food runs,
  • reduce daily kitchen clean up, and
  • save time during the week.

meal prep ideasCheap Meal Prep Ideas: The Step by Step Guide

This post was written by our amazing staff writer, Kerah Kemmerer!

In theory, meal prepping is fairly simple, but like anything that helps improve your life, you need to develop a solid plan and stick with it. 

Here are five steps to get you started on developing a system that works for you. 

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Step 1: Plan out your meals for the week

Planning in general may come easy to you and this first step may be one you really enjoy.

A quick Google or Pinterest search will lead you into an endless black hole of recipes and meal prep ideas sand should be more than enough to get you started. After finding some recipe inspiration, it’s time to break out that notebook or download your favorite meal planning/list app to start getting organized. (Mealtime seems to be a favorite among users.)

Not sure where to start?

If the plethora of online meal prep ideas makes your eyeballs bug out and your brain implode, start with the basics.

Stock up on staples like:

  • rice,
  • potatoes,
  • quinoa, and
  • pasta.

These items can be purchased for fairly cheap in bulk and provide a quick base for almost any meal.

Add-ons that can make a solid meal include:

  • beans/legumes,
  • fresh/frozen veggies,
  • vegan or meat protein, and
  • spices/sauces.

You can mix and match so many of these items without much planning. Just grab whatever you have on hand and create a new blend for a quick and easy meal.

After you get a little more comfortable with the recipe building, you can start to get more creative and begin branching out into some more advanced culinary delights. 

Step 2: Bulk grocery shopping for meal prepping

If you’re not a member of a bulk goods store than plan on going to check one out! Sam’s Club, Costco and BJ’s offer some great prices on bulk items and save you the hassle of having to shop more than once a week or so.

Don’t forget to consider your local grocery store as well though!

meal prep ideas

Places like:

  • Kroger,
  • Giant, and
  • others similar stores

They’re well-known for having discounted items or manager’s specials that can save you quite a bit. They also run weekly deals and specials that are great for stockpiling staple items. 

One way I keep organized it to use an excel doc of all the main items I purchase with the price included.

  • I can tally up what I need for the week,
  • project how much of my grocery budget will be used, and then
  • use the “leftover” to work in some new food or splurge on items like fresh berries for oatmeal or pre-made pizza crusts for a quick and easy meal.

Step 3: Invest in the right kitchen gear

While you don’t need to go crazy investing in new kitchen gadgets, there are a few items that will make it a bit easier to turn your meal prep ideas into a reality.

If you don’t already own a rice cooker, I highly recommend one! The one I own (Vita Clay) cooks rice, quinoa, soups and stews. Others are in love with the Instant Pot. Both of these will save so much time when it comes to bulk cooking. 

Other items I recommend:

  • Non-stick (ideally teflon-free) pots and pans for easy clean up
  • Glass containers with easy snap-on lids
  • A sharp and solid Chef’s knife (read reviews before purchasing)
  • A chest freezer (if you have a larger family, this will be well worth the investment)

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Step 4: Batch cook/freeze your meals

Next, you will need to designate a day for the actual meal prepping. Usually weekends are recommended so you can hit the ground running for Monday. 

I plan my grocery shopping for Saturday evening and immediately begin separating and repacking items as I get them in the door. This helps the produce stay fresher longer and gives me a visual on what I’m working with. 

Once you are ready to begin, get that rice (or whatever you’ve chosen) cooking, start chopping those veggies and frying up that protein. 

Count out the containers you need for the week and assemble all the recipes. Most items will freeze well, but be sure to double check if you aren’t sure about an ingredient. Since our freezer is pretty small, I throw half the week’s meals right in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

Other meals

I don’t usually prep dinner into containers, but I will keep items pre-cooked in larger containers so I can just throw some recipes together quickly. Proteins like chicken and tofu can be frozen in a marinade so you even have pre-seasoned foods to work with. 

I usually do some form of oats for breakfast – traditional oatmeal with peanut butter, overnight oats or oatmeal bars. What can I say? Oats are cheap! 

Step 5: Grab and go

Now that you’ve taken the time to:

  • turn those meal prep ideas into actual food for the week,
  • clean up the kitchen, and
  • have everything ready to heat and throw on the table at a moment’s notice…

…you can kick back and relax! 

If someone wants something to eat, don’t even look up from your book. Just point at the fridge. 🙂

Those Are the Meal Prep Ideas: Are You Ready to Get Started???

It can be challenging to get organized at first, and your grocery bill could end up higher initially as you get yourself loaded up on staples and work through meals that are worth the time and effort. After you get into a flow, you should hopefully be able to keep your food costs at a max of $50 per person, and ideally even less, for the week. Of course, where you live and the size of your family will alter this estimate. 

The other challenge is staying committed to the process. The key is to make the process as fun and simple as possible so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Throw on some upbeat and inspiring music, set yourself time challenges and see if you can reduce your meal prep time each week. Whatever works to keep you motivated! 

Now, if only there was a way to laundry prep. If you have ideas on that, please send them my way!

Are you a meal prepper? Do you have some additional meal prep ideas? Has meal prepping saved you a ton on food costs? Please share! 

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Ripple Finds a New Home in Brazil

Ripple is opening a new office in Brazil, bringing the country closer to becoming a major blockchain and cryptocurrency haven.

Brazil And Ripple: The Perfect Combo?

To be fair, Brazil has long stood as one of the biggest cryptocurrency hubs in South America. However, new reports regarding its president’s lagging knowledge of bitcoin and other digital assets have caused some to hold Brazil’s power in the blockchain arena in doubt.

Recently, President Jair Bolsonaro asked if bitcoin was “even a coin.” This could be literal ignorance or a snarky reaction towards the currency. It’s possible that Bolsonaro doesn’t believe bitcoin is a worthwhile investment or even money. Thus, his words may be implying not that he knows nothing of it, but that the cryptocurrency isn’t worth much in his mind.

It also seems like he’s trying to dismantle his predecessor’s previous cryptocurrency goals with the sudden and recent end of a digital currency project that would have seen a new virtual asset developed for use by Brazil’s indigenous people. However, with the recent addition of a Ripple office in Brazil, it’s likely that Bolsonaro is simply trying to concentrate on more mainstream crypto efforts.

Ripple is the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, though for a short period, it did hold the number two spot above Ethereum. In addition to opening its new Brazil headquarters, Ripple is also bringing Luiz Antonio Sacco – a fintech entrepreneur and executive – onboard as its new managing director. It will be Sacco’s job to “drive strategy” and “build the Ripple ecosystem in the region.”

Eric van Miltenburg, SVP of global operations, comments:

In January, Ripple surpassed 200 customers on Ripple Net. The company is experiencing rapid customer growth across all markets and is launching in Brazil in response to high customer demand in South America. We are fortunate to have Luiz on board to expand our presence in the region and help our customers address the challenges of cross-border payments.

Sacco also had a few things to say about his upcoming work with the crypto platform, stating:

We’re excited to grow our ecosystem in the region and bring additional financial institutions onto Ripple Net to help provide excellent, efficient cross-border payment experiences for their customers. Brazil is a leader in fintech innovation and positions to forge a path for the rest of Latin America to follow.

Education Is Always the Answer

At press time, Ripple is working with several Brazilian universities and higher-learning institutions to establish stronger blockchain education and coursework for students so that they can be prepared for a blockchain-infused future. Sacco claims:

We believe that academic institutions will play a key role driving the blockchain industry forward. USP and FGV are innovative, forward-thinking institutions that are investing in blockchain research to explore new use cases and help prepare students for future jobs in this space.

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Amazon and Ether: A Match Made in Digital Heaven

Shopping on Amazon just got a whole lot easier if you’re a cryptocurrency fan. Two startups are joining hands to allow customers to pay for Amazon purchases with ether tokens.

Amazon and Crypto: The New Norm?

As of late, the idea of using crypto to pay for goods and services is gaining lots of traction in the monetary arena. Recently, we’ve discussed enterprises like Flexa, which are partnering up with several retailers including Jamba Juice, Nordstrom and Whole Foods to allow customers to pay for items with digital assets, but there’s a serious mark to be made through Amazon.

Arguably the biggest online retailer in the world, if crypto payments suddenly become the norm on its website, one can expect crypto to become not only a legit means of payment, but prices of various coins are likely to explode in the coming years.

To be fair, it’s always been crypto’s primary goal to be used as a means of payment. That’s what digital assets were originally designed for but making this goal a reality has been difficult given the volatility and price swings that crypto is often vulnerable to. If you pay for $50 worth of merchandise with crypto, there’s always a chance that that money will suddenly be worth $40 the next day.

You still walk away with the items you purchased, but the retailer initiating the sale has now lost ten dollars. It’s not entirely fair to the merchant, and thus price swings have gotten in the way and prevented several stores from accepting crypto as payment.

However, things appear to be changing, and they’re changing fast. This could potentially be due to the sudden bullish activity being exhibited by bitcoin and its crypto-cousins, though it’s hard to say for sure.

In the meantime, Amazon’s ether acceptance is being made possible through the efforts of two startups: crypto payments firm CLIC Technology and blockchain infrastructure provider and B2B platform Opporty. Both are working to build a browser extension that will allow individuals to pay for Amazon items with ether.

A press release explains:

Traditional Ethereum-based platforms are made to handle, on average, about 20 transactions per second, far less than what is needed for a functioning financial ecosystem. By comparison, Amazon processes upwards of 300 transactions per second, typically making it incompatible with the digital currency, but with Opporty’s Plasma Cash, CLIC Technology can now dramatically accelerate transaction speeds while reducing loads on the system. It can process a significantly larger number of transactions per second, potentially exceeding those of Visa and Mastercard.

Two Crypto Masters Working Together

CLIC Technology CEO Roman Bond added to the statement, claiming:

Bringing cryptocurrency to the e-commerce marketplace is the merging of two next-generation industries. We’re excited to be working on this project with Opporty.

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Bitcoin Is Now Trading for Over $9,000

Bitcoin has exploded to reach a new high for the year. At press time, it’s trading for well over $9,100.

Bitcoin Is Headed for New Heights

This is new milestone for the currency, considering how miserable 2018 was. Starting in January, bitcoin, as well as several other forms of crypto, began sinking into oblivion after reaching all-time highs in the year 2017. Many believed that the falls would be minor in the beginning and that bitcoin and other digital assets were merely undergoing soft forms of correction. After all, $20,000 per coin seems like too fast a feat in many ways.

Several traders probably weren’t ready for bitcoin’s explosive behavior, so a drop of $1,000 or so probably wouldn’t have much significance in the long run. Unfortunately, what nobody realized was that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would continue their falls for more than a year. Until March of 2019, bitcoin was trapped in the doldrums and seemed unable to move beyond the $4,000 mark, which is where it was trading at that time. The currency fell to the mid-$3,500 range in November, and it appeared that things weren’t going to change anytime soon.

But we were wrong again. In April of 2019, bitcoin struck the $5,000 mark and began spiking faster than anyone could have anticipated. At the time of writing, it has nearly tripled its price since the beginning of the year, and enthusiasts couldn’t be more pleased. In addition, the $9,000 line was a serious barricade for bitcoin, and was proving to be more resistance-laden than originally thought. However, bitcoin has now surpassed that resistance, and analysts are predicting that $10,000 may be around the corner granted the bulls can keep up their present momentum.

It’s interesting in the sense that just last week, bitcoin was trading in the $7,000 range. That means the coin has shot up by nearly $2,000 in a relatively short period. The strength and stamina of the coin is quite profound, but what we’re seeing more than anything is a growing level of maturity never witnessed before in the coin’s behavior.

A Stronger, More Durable Coin

For example, Live Bitcoin News recently published an article that bitcoin’s carbon emissions, according to a new study, are comparable to those released by the city of Las Vegas. That’s a lot of emissions when you think about it, and three years ago, there’s a good chance the coin would have likely suffered from such news. The price would have gone down, and things would have taken a negative turn.

This time, however, the currency has struck a new chord and added to its price. This is the second time this happens in 2019, the first being when Binance was hacked and lost $40 million in BTC. The currency rose than dwindled, and its maturity is starting to solidify.

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Is Litecoin This Year’s Top-Rated Cryptocurrency?

At press time, bitcoin is trading for well above $8,800. The currency has gained more than $1,000 over the past week and has been on a roll since early April of this year, when it struck the $5,000 mark for the first time in about five or six months. The granddaddy of all cryptocurrency is doing quite well for itself in 2019, but it’s Litecoin that’s ultimately stealing the main spotlight.

Litecoin Is Exploding Like Nobody’s Business

Litecoin currently stands as the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and was invented by Charlie Lee. The currency peaked in January of 2018 at more than $400 per coin, but like all its digital counterparts, it entered a long series of price falls just weeks later. However, it is estimated that the currency has gained more than 330 percent since the beginning of the year. Much like bitcoin, the currency is exploding as of late and arguably outdoing all other cryptocurrencies in the space, including Ethereum and Ripple’s XRP.

At press time, it appears Litecoin is trading for nearly $138. Many analysts attribute its sudden gains to a halving that’s set to occur during the second half of the year. This process will make it so that the amount of new coins Litecoin miners earn when they perform their jobs will be cut in half. Currently, miners earn about 25 new coins each. The halving will make it so that they only earn 12.5.

This means that less coins will be extracted once the halving occurs. Analysts believe this will prevent an “erosion of value” and reduce the amount of coins in circulation, making Litecoin somewhat rarer and thus more valuable.

Mati Greenspan of e-Toro fame states:

Every time we’ve seen a halving even in bitcoin or Litecoin, the price has risen astronomically, so if that pattern continues, what we’ve seen so far is small potatoes in comparison. This is quite normal for the crypto market.

Others say that it’s not the halving that’s making the Litecoin magic happen, but rather the price of bitcoin. Investor Aaron Brown states that Litecoin typically does well when “bitcoin is doing well,” and as the leader of crypto has been enjoying a solid rally for the past two months, Litecoin is following suit. Discussing Litecoin, he claims:

It’s an established, convenient transaction currency well suited to a world in which bitcoin is the store of value. I don’t think it has much value in a world in which bitcoin prices are low.

A Halving Can Have Big Effects

President of crypto hedge fund ProChain Capital David Tawil says:

Is it reasonable to think that this halving, this catalyst, should allow Litecoin to reach it’s previous highs? I think so. I think it could… It’s a good potential trading opportunity.

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Bitcoin Futures Are More Significant Than We Think

Earlier today, Live Bitcoin News put out an article saying that Litecoin has been this year’s top-performing cryptocurrency. With over 300 percent in gains since the start of 2019, Litecoin is indeed carving out a new name for itself in the crypto space, but that doesn’t mean we should take anything away from bitcoin, the granddaddy of them all.

Bitcoin Is Still King in Many Ways

At press time, the currency is trading for over $8,800. It is once again well within reach of $9,000, which many analysts predict is likely to come soon. Recently, the asset did strike the $9,000 chord, only to see its price sink immediately after likely due to a massive selloff that occurred, though the fact that it could reach such a position is a positive step in the right direction.

Senior analyst at cryptocurrency exchange e-Toro commented that with Litecoin’s sudden rally, expecting a bitcoin rally for this week wouldn’t be out of the question, and thus far, he seems to be right. Just last week, the currency was trading in the $7,000 range, meaning bitcoin has added well over $1,000 to its price in a very short period.

Interestingly, some of the highest (though relatively indirect) praise for bitcoin is coming from JPMorgan, a financial institution headed by Jamie Dimon, who is a well-known bitcoin hater. In the past, Dimon has called bitcoin a “fraud” that was “worse than tulips.” However, he later surprised everyone with the announcement that JPMorgan would be launching JPM Coin, a stable currency that customers could use with the bank’s authorization.

This time, however, a new report is being issued by the financial establishment that claims the importance of bitcoin futures is far more important than anyone could imagine. The report was issued to rebuke information presented by Bitwise, which said that most of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading volumes reported by cryptocurrency exchanges are either incorrect or exaggerated. Authored by researchers like Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, the rebuttal claims:

The importance of the listed futures market has been significantly understated. The report by Bitwise credits the traded futures as an important development in allowing short exposures that enabled arbitrageurs in properly engaging in arbitrage, and that the futures share of spot bitcoin volumes increased sharply in April and May.

The Importance of Futures Is Stronger Than We Think

JPMorgan later issued a follow-up statement to the report, saying:

The overstatement of trading volumes by cryptocurrency exchanges, and by implication the understatement of the importance of listed futures, suggests that market structure has likely changed considerably since the previous spike in bitcoin prices in end-2017 with a greater influence from institutional investors.

Indeed, institutional investors do appear to be making stronger appearances in the crypto space, and bitcoin has ultimately become more mature, which likely explains why it’s suddenly doing so well.

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Study: Reddit Is a Platform for False Crypto Data

A new study has emerged monitoring cryptocurrency information that spreads through subreddits. The study examines how incorrect information is displayed as fact, and how this data can potentially impact the prices of various cryptocurrencies.

Reddit Is a Haven for False Info

One of the authors, Svitlana Volkova, presented her findings at this year’s Web Conference in San Francisco, California. She comments:

Cryptocurrency is a very good proxy program for disinformation.

The study, arguably, has its roots in the same ideas presented by U.S. President Donald Trump, who repeatedly says that information from both social and mainstream media platforms is fake. It appears many writers and news platforms are only publishing what they want their readers to think and hear, but there isn’t necessarily truth to what’s being said.

This is dangerous in the sense that it misleads people. It leads them to believe the wrong data and can push negativity in the futures of various topics, in this case digital assets.

Disinformation has been a big topic as of late, what with the presidential elections of both 2016 and 2020 in the U.S. Sadly, it’s sometimes difficult to develop algorithms or serious methods regarding what’s true and what isn’t in mainstream media. Thus, the study found it much easier to see what’s incorrect on Reddit. Overall, several thousand comments were monitored on bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoin-based subreddits over the course of three years (between 2015 and 2018) by Volkova and her co-authors.

Among the steps they took were checking to see how much volume these subreddits generated. They also examined how many people were leaving comments and how many individual people were involved. Not surprisingly, bitcoin proved to be the most popular topic amongst cryptocurrency participants. They noticed that as many as 3,600 separate messages and comments were posted to Reddit about bitcoin each day. Ethereum was in second place with 500 messages, while Monero was in third place with 380.

However, Ethereum comments boasted the largest lifetimes, while Monero-centered messages had the longest “median lifetimes.” It was also discovered that Monero was five times more likely to generate commentary.

Volkova states:

These social signals are quite useful, and by incorporated them with machine and deep learning, we intend to build predictive models that hit on casual relationships between different variables, so we can explain model decision-making processes.

More Data Is Coming Our Way

The team is now working on various follow-up studies to see how this disinformation ultimately spreads to platforms like Twitter and Git Hub. Volkova mentions:

Mitigation is harder. We have the models right now that can detect disinformation and can say, ‘OK, look, this is not true. This is false or misleading.’ We can make the audience aware of the way disinformation spreads, but then we have to somehow coordinate with the social platform providers to actually make a difference.

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Facebook Coin Is Sparking Both Excitement and Fear

Both Facebook Coin and Libra are sparking mixed reactions from spectators, but those who are excited about them seem to be very excited.

How Should We Be Reacting?

Among those who appear the most enthusiastic are Mark Mahaney and Zachary Schwartzman from RBC Capital Markets. Both men claim that the Facebook’s cryptocurrency initiatives are among the “most important” in its long history as a social media and tech giant. In an interview with CNBC, both figures claim:

We believe this may prove to be one of the important initiatives in the history of the company to unlock new engagement and revenue streams… We believe Facebook will use crypto to facilitate a platform for: 1) payments; 2) commerce; and 3) applications and gaming.

At this stage, it’s unclear how Facebook plans to make money through coin usage. Perhaps the social media platform will charge transactions fees or certain taxes on all relevant charges, though at press time, the only confirmation we’ve received regarding funds are about those going towards the development of the project. Development and garnering income are two very different aspects.

This raises a lot of questions. It can be argued that Facebook hasn’t always earned its revenue streams through appropriate means. Look at last year’s scandal involving Cambridge Analytica. The company had been selling customers’ information to the company for advertising purposes. The keyword here is “selling.” That obviously means Facebook was earning money from the information it was sharing with Cambridge, and so few details have emerged regarding Facebook Coin as of late that one can’t help but wonder if those same unethical methods of money-making will show their faces again.

Nevertheless, it appears Facebook is making certain moves that would place it in a more “legitimate” category. For example, it was recently announced that the social media platform acquired the services of former British bank lobbyist Ed Bowles, who will advise Facebook through political and regulatory scrutiny as it enters the crypto arena. Bowles worked for 12 years as a public policy administrator with the London-based financial firm Stan Chart. He will begin his work with Facebook in September 2019.

In addition, Mark Zuckerberg – the CEO of Facebook – met with former British bank governor Mark Carney last April to discuss potential crypto regulations in the U.K. that could hinder the use and development of Facebook Coin.

We’ll Handle Facebook No Matter What

Olivier Guersent, the European Commission’s director-general for financial stability, was unaware that any meeting took place, but didn’t seem too concerned about it according to his latest interview. He comments:

Facebook has a right like anyone else to launch itself on the market, but the issue is really the connection with the rest of their activities and the collection of data. That’s the angle through which we could tackle it.

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Study: Bitcoin Carbon Emissions Are Silent but Deadly

Is bitcoin harming the planet?

Study Suggest Bitcoin and Carbon Are Too Close Together

According to a new study, bitcoin’s energy consumption is equivalent to that of the city of Las Vegas, Nevada and the country of Sri Lanka. On its own, bitcoin produces approximately 22 megatons of carbon emissions each year. This number doubles when all the remaining cryptocurrencies are accounted for.

This is an argument that has swelled throughout the cryptocurrency space for some time. In fact, China has even put out a list of things it’s considering banning, as these items potentially hurt the atmosphere. One of those items is bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining, though to be fair, this has been on the list for a lengthy period and no action has ever been taken.

The authors of the report say that local regulators have the potential to curb bitcoin mining emissions. The study suggests the following:

Coal is fueling bitcoin. The question is how to prevent it, and that’s up to local regulators.

The good news is that the emissions discussed in the report are considerably less than what the authors originally thought they would be. At the same time, they are still asking “key mining regions” to take the emissions seriously and take necessary steps to lower them further.

Overall, the amount of carbon emissions produced last year from the burning of fossil fuels was equal to about 37 billion tons. One of the study’s writers, Christian Stoll, is very concerned about climate change, and while he says there are bigger problems contributing to changes in weather and the Earth’s overall climate, the burning of fossil fuels is not to be taken lightly. He explains:

There are bigger factors contributing to climate change. However, the carbon footprint is big enough to make it worth discussing the possibility of regulating cryptocurrency mining in regions where power generation is especially carbon-intensive.

He and his fellow researchers claim that most of the carbon emissions are coming from regions of Asia. This isn’t a surprise. Countries like South Korea, the Philippines and China are massive bitcoin and cryptocurrency havens, which explains why most of the expelled energy would be here. At the same time, mining rigs are also prominent in Canada and certain parts of the United States thanks to lower energy bills. Thus, virtually every corner of the world appears vulnerable in some way.

Is The Data Accurate?

Not everyone is convinced by the report’s findings. Bitcoin researcher Alex de Vries wasn’t involved in the study but says that bitcoin transactions are relatively rare when compared with the transactions that occur through major credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard. He wonders if the methods utilized to comprise the data are flawed, commenting:

The folks in this study were very conservative on the energy side.

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