Why Ethereum Co-Creator Isn’t Worried About ConsenSys Being Profitable for a While

Joseph Lubin is the co-creator of Ethereum and the CEO of ConsenSys, a blockchain venture studio. In a recent interview, Lubin explained what ConsenSys has been up to as of late, and why it doesn’t matter if the company isn’t as profitable as it once was.

Ethereum Gets Its Grand Entrance

Lubin first met Vitalik Buterin – the primary brains behind Ethereum – in 2013. He worked with Buterin and his team to build the Ethereum Network and establish its reputation as not just a cryptocurrency, but a platform that could pave the way for future cryptocurrency projects built on Ethereum’s now ever-popular blockchain.

In 2014, he left and founded ConsenSys, which has worked to build startups from the ground up by helping them establish proper executive teams, build revenue and raise capital. Since its inception four years ago, ConsenSys has created developer tools, decentralized apps (dApps) and even its own education and training academy. Many of these projects have since gone on to raise their own capital.

A Simple Project Goes “Boom”

It’s safe to say that ConsenSys has become a solid ecosystem rather than a simple blockchain project. Lubin is said to be the world’s single largest holder of ether – the official cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network – though he’s been putting much of those funds towards keeping his business in operation. ConsenSys has taken some nasty hits this year with the extended price drops of cryptocurrencies like ether, but this isn’t necessarily getting under his skin.

Always Seeing the Positive

When asked if ConsenSys was still profitable, Lubin said:

“We’re still in the burn. We’ll probably be that way for a long time, just because we’ll continually invest rather than try to extract profits. If you [were to] consider some of our token launches revenue, then we’d be profitable, but a lot of those tokens are things that we’re going to keep frozen for a long time. If we calculated everything, then yes, we’re above zero.”

He also says that nothing could have prepared him for the growth rate of ConsenSys, and he admits that the company potentially “grew too fast.” So fast, in fact, that he had little to no time to induct every employee or new individual into the company culture appropriately, though in the long run, he comments that fast growth is always better than slow growth:

“Tons of growing pains, sure. We’re trying to get better with our onboarding process. We’re growing too fast; we felt that was necessary because the alternative, growing too slow, would have been much more problematic for our product teams and consulting arm.”

Let’s Keep Things Fair!

In the end, he comments that ConsenSys isn’t trying to rule the world like Amazon or Apple. Rather, the goal is – and always has been – to keep the world from being ruled:

“We’re trying to decentralize ourselves. Essentially, various technologies have enabled technologists to pile stacks of value higher than ever before. Those stacks of value [have been] contained within firms, but if we have these protocol-based open platforms, these network business models, then ownership will be much more decentralized. We’ll have companies [with] tokenized securities, and we’ll have these networks that offer products and services.”

Do you consider Joseph Lubin to be one of the industry’s leading figures? Why or why not? Post your comments below.

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ADAMANT Messenger Update for iOS — ETH and ADM Transactions in Chats!

As expected earlier from the project of the main blockchain messenger with the sounding name ” ADAMANT “, the development team just recently released the next global update for ADAMANT Messenger iOS app. Almost immediately after AppStore confirmation, there was an update in the team’s Medium blog, and by the end of the day the number of downloads had gone up to unprecedented numbers.

What is the reason for such an achievement, especially for a messenger directly related to cryptocurrency?


From the words of the developers, ADAMANT is not just a messenger — they strive to create a multifunctional system for personal and business communication. One of their goals is to implement means for instant exchange of cryptocurrencies and tokens in chats. And, looking on today’s results, these guys successfully implemented it in the latest versions of their apps.

Introducing an update of ADAMANT Messenger for iOS, was emphasized that the app now works approximately 33 times faster and users can send ADM (project infrastructure tokens) and ETH to each other.


Earlier this season, ADAMANT devs already implemented the sending of our own tokens (ADM) in the progressive web app (PWA) as well as ETH and Binance Coin (BNB). Thus, we can send all three of them wallet-to-wallet as well as right in chats. From the team’s Twitter page, it became clear, that this feature successfully passed all tests and received a positive feedback.

Thanks to the latest update, Apple device users can also send tokens via ADAMANT Messenger as we added sending of ADM and ETH in chats in the latest update for iOS.

The main advantage of this feature is its simplicity: you just use a regular messenger’s interface to send and receive transactions. In the Wallet section, you can withdraw your tokens to an external wallet. Since you can rename your contacts and have your own “address book”, you are safe from mistakes when typing a receiver’s address.

Therefore this feature allows you to pay for goods and services in one click as well as instantly send tokens and currencies to your friends and partners.

The fee for transactions in ADAMANT is 100 lower than in banks; sending ETH to any place on the planet costs 0.0004 ETH (~6 cents at the time of this writing).

Besides new types of transactions, this iOS update has another important feat, that wasn’t noticed by ADAMANT’s community, despite this is a huge technical step. The development team has rewritten JavaScript code to native Swift, and this allowed ~33 times faster loading and decrypting speed.

“We worked hard during these three months to release this update, and now proudly present the results.” — says iOS lead developer.


You can download ADAMANT Messenger for iOS in App Store.

ADAMANT has an open source code, that is completely public.

From the words of ADAMANT’s CEO, the team is planning to expand the messenger’s
features further, implementing new tokens and cryptocurrencies transfers, as well as other options.

Source: Official Update

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Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Approaching Next Significant Break

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price is currently consolidating above the $0.2903 low against the US dollar.
  • There is a significant bearish trend line in place with resistance at $0.3145 on the 4-hours chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Poloniex).
  • The pair may soon make the next move either above $0.3150 or below $0.2903.

Ripple price is preparing for the next key break against the US Dollar. XRP may perhaps decline further below $0.2903 and $0.2800 if there is no break above $0.3145.

Ripple Price Analysis

After a sharp decline, ripple price traded towards the $0.2900 level against the US Dollar. The XRP/USD pair formed a low at $0.2903 and settled below the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). Later, the price started consolidating losses above the $0.2900-0.2910 support area. It recently recovered above the $0.3200 level. Besides, there was a break above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $0.4098 high to $0.2903 low.

However, the upside move was capped by the $0.3350 level. The stated $0.3350 level was a support earlier and now it prevented a bullish break. More importantly, there is a significant bearish trend line in place with resistance at $0.3145 on the 4-hours chart of the XRP/USD pair. The trend line coincides with the 55 simple moving average (4-hours), which is at $0.3180. Therefore, a proper break above the $0.3145 and $0.3180 levels is must for an upside break. The next resistance is at $.3350, followed by the 50% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $0.4098 high to $0.2903 low.

Ripple Price Analysis XRP Chart

Looking at the chart, ripple price seems to be preparing for the next move either above $0.3145 or below $0.2903. If there is a bearish break, the price could drop to $0.2650 or even $0.2500.

Looking at the technical indicators:

4-hours MACD – The MACD for XRP/USD is in the bearish zone.

4-hours RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI for XRP/USD declined below the 50 level.

Key Support Level – $0.2903

Key Resistance Level – $0.3145

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Ethereum Remains One of the Most Popular Blockchain Networks

The Ethereum Network remains one of the most popular blockchains for new cryptocurrencies and crypto-based apps thanks, in part, to its smart contracts capabilities, and new data for 2018 suggests a network wrought with projects and growing trust amongst industry colleagues.

Ethereum Is a Loved Asset

Ethereum was a long-time holder of the number two position in the top ten list of largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. As of late, that position is now held by Ripple and its cryptocurrency XRP, though trust in the Ethereum network hasn’t gone down – despite ether’s price drop from roughly $1,400 in February to about $88 at press time.

No doubt, a crypto winter has gathered on the horizon, but Ethereum, itself, appears to be doing quite well. In 2018, the network processed a total of 353 million transactions. That’s an increase of approximately 100 million transactions in just the last six months alone. At the time of writing, the average number of daily transactions stands at nearly 610,000.

In addition, the network boasts a total of 49 million unique addresses all on its own – up from about 13 million in December of 2017.

Smart Contracts Can Do a Lot

As smart contracts capabilities have grown, deployments of such contracts have increased steadily over the past 12 months. Since June, approximately 200,000 new smart contracts have been created. This number surpassed the one million-mark in October, then hit 1.5 million last November. The Ethereum Network remains the most successful smart contracts platform in the cryptocurrency arena, accounting for roughly 96 percent of new coins entering the space.

The platform is also home to dozens of decentralized apps (dApps) including widely used Web3 browser extension MetaMask; the Truffle Framework tools suite, and the Loom Network, which allows gaming dApps to scale.

What About Other People?

Miner activity has also increased tenfold over the past year. Approximately 11,000 active nodes are currently interacting with the Ethereum Network. They cross over six different continents and have demonstrated strong geographic diversity. Miner rewards have also remained relatively consistent, with the average miner earning approximately 620,000 ETH a month.

And at the end of the day, the network’s popularity amongst the general population doesn’t appear to be diminishing. Reddit’s r/Ethereum community has more than doubled from approximately 176,000 members in December 2017 to around 418,000 at the end of this year. The network is also garnering newfound attention from venture capitalist firms like Andreessen Horowitz, which recently pledged roughly $15 million to MakerDAO – a project built on the Ethereum Network.

Will Ethereum’s growth continue into 2019? Why or why not? Post your comments below.

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Number of Crypto Users Increase Despite 85% Market Correction

When all is said and done, people remained relatively loyal to bitcoin and crypto in 2018.

Crypto Says Goodbye to the Last 12 Months

This year has not been particularly kind to BTC, especially when compared with 2017, the year of the bitcoin boom. Last December, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders everywhere were treated with a special Christmas treat when bitcoin rose to just under $20,000 during the final weeks of the year. After a series of extensive price spikes throughout 2018, it appeared bitcoin had finally hit its mark.

But just a month later, bitcoin began to take a nasty fall, and that fall has never let up. At press time, bitcoin has lost virtually 85 percent of its previous value, and today, it’s trading for just over $3,400.

People Still Love Their Crypto

But that doesn’t mean people gave up on bitcoin and cryptocurrency altogether. A new report issued by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance suggests that the number of “newbies” entering the crypto space in 2018 practically doubled from the numbers listed for 2017. Despite bitcoin’s record (and consistent) drops, BTC and crypto users shot up more than anyone likely anticipated.

The authors explain:

“Conforming with popular narratives, survey data indicates that most users – both established as well as new entrants – are individuals and not business clients. Individuals can by hobbyists, retail investors, consumers or users seeking a better investment or payment alternative… Growth rates were at their highest in 2017, and the number of new users’ accounts as well as ID-verified users continued to rapidly grow in 2018 as well.”

Will Bitcoin Return to Greatness?

The data suggests one hugely positive thing: that bitcoin is potentially in line for another rally. If users continued to flock to bitcoin even during times of extreme crisis, that could mean recovery is on the way in the coming months – especially if new customers continue to flock to the space. It’s a nice little push forward considering some analysts predict bitcoin to fall even further.

Data issued in the report show that the number of user accounts on digital exchanges nears the 150 million-mark for 2018. This is almost double the number of accounts in 2017, which was only at about 80 million. In addition, the number of ID-verified accounts sprung from about 20 million to 40 million between 2017 and now.

However, the study confirms that bitcoin is still largely being used for investing purposes rather than for commerce or making purchases. Volatility remains extremely high, which has prevented bitcoin from being used as a potential “money replacement” more often.

Will bitcoin’s price see sudden rises in 2019? Why or why not? Post your comments below.

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Should You Share Bank Accounts With Your Spouse?

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share bank accountsThese days, having a conversation about finances with your spouse before you get married is more common. With a 30% increase in moving in together before marriage over the last 20 years, many couples are spending time and effort discussing their finances, expenses, and more. But as far as your money goes, should you share bank accounts with your spouse? Does both of your income need to be combined after marriage? Here is the case for (and against) sharing bank accounts when you’re married.

Should You Share Bank Accounts With Your Spouse?

This post was written by our talented staff writer, Kimberly Studdard.

Why You Should Share Bank Accounts

Is it important to share bank accounts with your spouse, and should you? Here are three solid reasons why you might want to share bank accounts.

1) With a shared bank account, it makes paying for bills and necessary items easier.

After marriage, you are merging your life with your spouse, and typically, that involves merging your money as well. By having one place to keep your incoming money and outgoing expenses organized, you’re less likely to worry about a bill not getting paid or if your spouse took care of that outstanding speeding ticket.

2) It opens up the conversation for money and allows you to be transparent and honest with your spouse.

For example, if one of you is a spender, it will show in your bank statements. When there are financial goals that you want to reach, like saving for a new home, you’re able to get a clearer picture when you share bank accounts.

3) You also ensure that both you and your spouse can access that money at any time.

While you don’t want to think about the future and what could go wrong, like disability or death, it does happen. It also happens more often than someone would think. It’s harder to access money in a separate account. If one spouse passed away or became disabled, it would be harder for the other to access money that they may need to pay bills and keep the household together. Having a joint bank account can offer both of you peace of mind.

Why You Shouldn’t Share Bank Accounts

There are also times where it seems like life would be easier with separate bank accounts.

1) Sharing a bank account could equal major fights about money.

If spouses are polar opposites with money, that can cause friction, arguments, and even divorce in some cases.

For example, maybe you love to hoard your money, but your spouse can never seem to hold on to a dollar. Having a joint bank account could be a disaster for both of you. You would constantly see money being withdrawn from your account, and your partner would feel entitled to take it because it’s “my money too”.

If you had separate checking accounts, neither of you would feel the need to keep the other in check. You could spend (or save) your money how you liked without the other getting upset.

2) The ability to keep your money in your own hands.

No one wants to think about a possible divorce. But they happen. And sometimes, those divorces can get messy when finances and money have been combined for so long. Everyone feels entitled to their fair share, even if they don’t necessarily deserve it. By keeping your money separate, you are drawing the line on who owns what, and what each spouse needs to do to keep their fair share.

3) Gain the Feeling of Independence

Sometimes, depending on the income situation, a spouse might not feel financially independent when they share bank accounts. A stay-at-home mom or dad may feel as if they aren’t independent because they are only seeing their spouses money in their account. If the stay-at-home parent were to have a separate account, even if it only had $100 in it at a time, that is considered their money. In return, they can feel accomplished and independent, and not have to constantly feel like they have to ask their spouse to spend it.

share bank accountsDo Both

In many cases, having a joint account and separate accounts is the best way to manage your finances as a married couple. This is actually something my husband and I do. For us, my husband is a stay-at-home dad, but he does bring in some income from side hustles and a growing business. It’s important for him to earn his own income, even though I can provide for the family on my income alone.

So, we agreed to have:

  • two separate checking accounts,
  • two separate savings accounts, and
  • a joint account of both.

Our emergency fund is in our joint bank account, and our joint checking account is used for bill paying and regular expenses such as groceries or gas.

In our separate accounts, we keep a few hundred dollars a month for our own spending, without guilt.

  • If I want to get my nails done, I don’t ask my husband.
  • If he wants a new video game, he buys it without guilt because he’s paying for it with money from his own account.

We also have separate savings accounts that we add money to every month. Should we ever get divorced, we know that the other is not entitled to any money saved in these accounts. This allows us to be transparent about our finances without sacrificing our own financial well-being.

Have Rules In Place

No matter what you do, rules need to be in place. If you are going to share bank accounts, it’s important to have a serious discussion.

  • When will one spouse need to ask another spouse for permission to buy something?
  • If one is a spender, do they have a limit on what they can spend?
  • Will you have weekly or monthly budget meetings?
  • When will the bills be paid?

These are all important questions that both of you need to ask and answer. Having these rules in place will keep you both from fighting over money that you’ve both worked hard to earn.

If you are going to have separate accounts, will they still be accessible should one spouse need access? Will you pay bills separately or from a joint account? Who is responsible for what bill? Rules still need to be in place when you have separate accounts. That way, each spouse knows what is expected of them.

Sign A Prenup or Postnup

If you have specific requests about your money and finances, they are valid. Getting married doesn’t translate to your spouse owning you and your finances, and vice versa. Marriage also doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to save money for you and you alone. If you feel that it is necessary to sign a prenup or postnup with your spouse or potential spouse to protect your assets (and even liabilities), then it is worth the conversation. Money can get messy, but it doesn’t have to with a proper plan in place and a binding agreement.

So, should you share bank accounts with your spouse? That all depends on you and your marriage. While there are pros and cons to both separate and joint accounts, each marriage is different. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the best decision for both of you. And no matter what, always communicate and talk about your finances!

What do you do? Do you share bank accounts or do you have separate accounts? Or both? Tell us in the comments below!

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‘What Is Bitcoin?’ Is the Most Popular ‘What Is…?’ Search Term on Google

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Tel-Aviv, Israel - APRIL 19, 2018 Google - word composed of colored letters and two Crypto currency bitcoin on blue background. Google is the biggest Internet search corporation in the world. - Image

A Bitcoin-related search term topped one of Google’s ‘See what was trending in 2018′ lists.

Mainstream recognition of the coin began during its notorious rise to fame in December 2017 and January 2018, when the coin clocked a 1,400% increase in value and reached the $20,000 mark.

Since then, Bitcoin has fallen by more than 80% in a bear market.

People Want to Know About Bitcoin

The question ‘what is Bitcoin? was the most searched ‘What is…?‘ term in the US and the UK in 2018, as reported by Google Trends.

The fact that people are searching so much about the coin suggests that there is a fundamental shift in how people perceive cryptocurrencies. They want to find out more about Bitcoin and learn what it has to offer.

People are also interested in other cryptocurrencies, particularly the second largest one by market capitalization, Ripple.

The term “how to buy Ripple” was the fourth most-asked ‘How to’ question on Google.

The Bitcoin Market Has Been the Opposite

After reaching record highs at the beginning of the year, Bitcoin started a decline in its price that is continuing till date resulting in many investors losing large sums.

This price trend appears to have been going in the opposite direction to Google Trends, where Bitcoin took the top spot in the ‘What is…?’ category.

Whether Bitcoin’s price decline will continue or not remains to be seen. However, hedge fund manager and former Goldman Sachs partner Mike Novogratz suggests that people are sobering up from last year’s highs.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, he said that people are now on the opposite side of the spectrum, fearing that the coin will go to zero. “But it’s not going to zero,” he said.

‘What Is Bitcoin?’ Is the Most Popular ‘What Is…?’ Search Term on Google was originally found on [blokt] – Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Ripple and Finablr Will Launch Blockchain Payments by Q1 2019

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ABU DHABI, UAE - DECEMBER 2, 2018 Abu Dhabi skyline with Emirates Palace and Etihad Towers lit up for the 47th National Day celebrations of UAE - Image

UAE Exchange based in the United Arab Emirates is partnering with Ripple to launch new cross-border blockchain-powered remittances to Asia.

The new payments system will be based on Ripple’s blockchain network and will be launched by the first quarter in 2019.

Focusing on Asian Remittances

Asia was one of the largest recipients of the $613 billion in global remittances sent last year, with a big part of this coming from Asian expatriates working in the Middle East.

UAE exchange, which is part of foreign exchange company Finablr, is one of the leading players in this sector.

The majority of these funds are sent via foreign exchange branches. However, now apps and websites also account for a growing part with blockchain expected to play an increasing role in the coming years.

UAE Exchange and Ripple will seek to capture this market with their blockchain-based services.

Finablr’s executive director and chief executive Promoth Manghat commented on blockchain’s potential saying:

“Blockchain holds tremendous promise for the industry, but there is progress to be made before we see it go fully mainstream.”

The new service from Finablr will be available early next year. Manghat said:

“We expect to go live with Ripple by Q1, 2019 with one or two Asian banks. This is for remittances to start with, from across the globe into Asia.”

Picking up From the February Partnership

Both UAE Exchange and Ripple partnered in February this year to process cross-border payments, helping the Middle Eastern company become the largest payments firm in the region using RippleNet.

RippleNet currently includes over 100 member banks and a host of financial institutions that are engaged in making cross-border transactions easier, quicker and cheaper.

Finablr may also be exploring how Ripple can improve their B2B solutions. The company will be listing on the London Stock Exchange in the first half of 2019 and has Barclays and JP Morgan as its global coordinators.

Ripple and Finablr Will Launch Blockchain Payments by Q1 2019 was originally found on [blokt] – Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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EOS Now Trading in a Range After Its Steep Decline

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BTC/USD Daily Chart:

Bitcoin Daily Chart – Source: Tradingview.com

With the market leader Bitcoin meeting key support at $3300, other major cryptocurrencies are behaving similarly and halting their declines.

EOS is one of the major cryptocurrencies which is recording some more bullish movements after a steep decline which took place amid the bearish market conditions.

EOS/USD Daily Chart:

EOS Daily Chart – Source: Tradingview.com

EOS has entered a trading range from around $1.7 to $2 after a steep decline. The steep decline brought price from near $5.4 to about $1.55 as price struggled to break out of the steep downward trend that formed.

The recent range trading has resulted in price finally breaking out of the downward trend. The momentum has also started to shift towards the buyers with both the MACD and RSI increasing.

How EOS exits the range is likely to be determined by the movements of the market leader Bitcoin.

If Bitcoin can continue to hold above support at $3300 and increase, EOS is likely to follow and break above $2. If Bitcoin breaks below and closes under $3000, a break below $1.7 is expected for EOS.

EOS/USD 60-Min Chart:

EOS Hourly Chart – Source: Tradingview.com

The hourly chart shows very recent price action and how EOS has traded within the range in closer detail.

The price currently trades near the upper end of the range after recording bullish movements along with the market leader Bitcoin.

Key Takeaways:

  • EOS trades in a range after a steep decline which took place during the bearish market conditions.
  • Bitcoin meeting support at $3300 is likely a big factor in EOS exiting its downward trend and entering the trading range.
  • EOS trades near the upper end of the range after recently recording bullish movements in line with the rest of the market.
DISCLAIMER: Investing or trading in digital assets, such as those featured here, is extremely speculative and carries substantial risk. This analysis should not be considered investment advice, use it for informational purposes only. Historical performance of the assets discussed is not indicative of future performance. Statements, analysis, and information on blokt and associated or linked sites do not necessarily match the opinion of blokt. This analysis should not be interpreted as advice to buy, sell or hold and should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation of a particular asset.

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Dogecoin [Doge] Continues to Trade in a Range

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BTC/USD Daily Chart:

Bitcoin Daily Chart – Source: TradingView.com

Market leader Bitcoin has met support at the $3300 level and has been trading up from this point and is currently trading around $3400.

Other altcoins have been responding well to this increase and have either entered trading ranges or are recording small increases.

DOGE/USD Weekly Chart:

Doge Weekly Chart – Source: TradingView.com

Dogecoin traded in a range even while the market leader Bitcoin and other major altcoins continued to decline steeply.

Doge has been trading in a range from $0.002 to $0.0023 for the past three weeks and has moved mostly independent of the rest of the market since.

Doge Daily Chart – Source: TradingView.com

After forming numerous Doji candles on the daily chart, Dogecoin looks unlikely to break out from the range right now.

A Doji candle is a candle with little or no body due to the open being around the same point as the close and reflects uncertainty from traders.

Buyer momentum has gradually been increasing while Doge has been trading within the range with both the RSI and MACD slowly increasing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bitcoin meets support and many major altcoins enter a range or record more bullish movements due to this.
  • Dogecoin has been trading in a range from $0.002 to $0.0023 for the past three weeks and has mostly moved independently of the rest of the market since entering the range.
  • After forming many Doji candles on the Daily chart, Dogecoin looks unlikely to break out of its range soon.

Dogecoin [Doge] Continues to Trade in a Range was originally found on [blokt] – Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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