Developer’s Pack: The ONE Subscription

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The ONE Subscription is a new service which offers thousands of pre-made products for websites building such as HTML templates and WordPress themes. The ONE will provide you with literally everything one could possibly imagine for building websites. Moreover, this subscription is a pretty profitable service for the developers who build plenty of various websites and at the same time have to stay on a budget and do not want to to purchase all the items they need separately.

So now let’s explore all the cons and pros of the ONE Subscription in order to help you finally decide if this service is good enough for you or not.

What Exactly Is the ONE and Why You Might Need It?

The ONE is a subscription service which offers over 8,500 various items for creating a countless amount of websites for a pretty affordable price. So basically, the subscription has only one pricing plan — an annual subscription. The ONE will cost you $229, which is only $19 per month.

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This subscription service opens the access to an enormously large quantity of plugins, templates, graphics, and many more. If that wasn’t enough, you will be provided with regular updates, an unlimited number of installations, and a pretty useful professional 24/7 support team, that will always help you out, if you have any questions or problems with the service.

Those users who are not satisfied with the ONE subscription service can cancel it within the 14 days after the date of their purchase and get a full money refund. However, note the fact that you will only be able to get your money back, if you haven’t downloaded any ONE Subscription items yet.

Talking about money a little bit more, TemplateMonster has a secure payments policy. In other words, you do not have to worry about the safety of your money transactions, the company only uses the services of such secure finance companies as Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal.

Support & Services

If you have any kind of problems while installing the items from the ONE subscription service, you can always ask for some piece of advice from their 24/7 support team, whether it’s 2 a.m. or 2 p.m. they will always help you out. Moreover, before purchasing the ONE b you can also consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this subscription service in their Pre-Sales Chat as well as on their official Facebook page.

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The ONE service itself is provided with a plenty of useful services including Hosting Services, Installation Services, Extra Customization, and SEO Optimization. To be more accurate, Hosting Services will deal with all your hosting issues, Installation Services will help with the items installation process as well as setting up the extensions, Extra Customization aims to match all your needs and wishes, and last but not least, SEO Optimization will upgrade the traffic of your website.

Who is the ONE Subscription for?

The ONE is no doubt an excellent service, but I daresay that it might not be equally useful for everybody. In other words, if some of your friends benefit from this subscription, it does not necessarily mean than you will benefit from it too.

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Well, to start with let’s define the ONE subscription’s target audience and what is more important — who will benefit from it the most? So here is the list of the potential groups of people who, in my opinion, will make the most out of the ONE :

  • Website developers who have the necessity of having a wide choice of pre-made templates and themes for both their new projects and already existing websites;
  • Bloggers who need professional WordPress themes or HTML templates for their blogs;
  • Web designers who need a vast variety of pre-made professionally-designed WordPress themes and HTML templates for their projects;
  • Merchants who need to place high resolution pictures on their companies’ websites;
  • Entrepreneurs who need professional and at the same time fancy websites for their startups and businesses;
  • Illustrators and Graphic designers who have the necessity to obtain more fonts, styles, etc.

I daresay that these groups of people will definitely benefit from the ONE service the most. At the same time, I certainly cannot claim that those people who do not belong to the groups mentioned above will not benefit from the ONE Subscription. All in all, pretty much all the people who work with the internet and create the content for it will 99.9% benefit from this very service.

How Much Will the ONE Cost Me?

The ONE offers just one pricing plan. However, I can say that this plan is very affordable and costs less than most of the pricing plans of other similar companies. Annual subscription costs only $229 or $19 per month. Pretty fair pricing policy, isn’t it?

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What Exactly Will the ONE Subscription Open the Access To?

Now when we have already set up all the costs, it is the high time to figure out what the subscription will actually provide you with. Well, here is the precise list of all the items the ONE subscription offers:

  • 1,040 WordPress themes;
  • 2,128 Ecommerce;
  • 41 Plugins;
  • 3,198 Graphics;
  • 1,855 HTML Templates;
  • 14 Presentation Templates;
  • 1,455 CMS Templates.

Obviously, it is not everything that the service will provide you with. The ONE Subscription will send you regular updates which you will get basically every month. So the choice of the items provided by the subscription is actually tremendous which means that you will definitely find everything you need for creating a website of your dreams. Moreover, finding the very item that matches your needs certainly would not be an issue, since the ONE’s library is user-friendly and super easy to navigate.

What about the ONE License?

The license of the ONE is clear and does not have any hidden tricks. The subscription has a yearly licence that can be used on an unlimited number of installations. That being said, you will be able to install any item multiple times and on the unlimited quantity of domains.

With the ONE yearly license you are able to use all the products offered in the subscription for creating websites both for the end-users and yourself. You have to note the fact that you will be able to use all the items you purchased only having an active subscription. In other words, you will not have the access to the ONE subscription products when your subscription expires. However, all the websites that you have already built using the ONE products will continue to work even though your subscription is already expired.

Another crucial detail about the ONE service is you should give your end-product which has the products from the ONE Subscription to the end-user before the expiration of your license, otherwise you would violate their license policy.

And surely, you have a right to prolong your ONE Subscription and keep utilizing all the items provided by this subscription in your future projects.

So here are some serious the ONE Subscription’s license violations that you want to avoid:

  • using the ONE items after your license has been expired;
  • sharing and distributing the items provided by the ONE Subscription;
  • reselling the products and items;
  • claiming your rights for any kind of products of the ONE Subscription.

The User Experience of the ONE

As always, the products provided are super easy to use. That being said, you can literally download and then install any template or theme just in one click. Installation and customization of the of the products of the ONE Subscription is actually very easy and doesn’t take much time. Moreover, if you have any kind of problems while installing the items, you can contact their excellent support team at any time.

The ONE Subscription’s library that holds all the items is quite simple to utilize, since you can sort the products in line with the different criteria in order to find the items you want faster.

The ONE service is user-friendly and easy to get to the bottom of. You just pick the item you like from the library, download a zip archive, retrieve the files from that archive, and, with the help of the clear documentation that every template or theme has, install the chosen theme or template on your website.

All the WordPress themes and HTML templates within the ONE Subscription are quite easy to customize, and in case you have any problems with it, you can contact their 24/7 support team.

What about the Updates?

Once you finally bought the ONE, you get the access to literally thousands of various items for website building, but of course, that’s not it yet. You will receive regular updates that include different new themes, templates, and items every month. Another perk that the ONE Subscription offers is receiving the updates for your already existing websites even after the expiration of your license.

Final Thoughts about the ONE

The ONE has actually impressed me. At the beginning, I honestly could not believe in the fact that a contemporary company can give you so much for such a small amount of money. Just imagine, only for $19 per month you will get the access to the vast variety of high quality website building products.

Being a blogger, I know perfectly well how crucial it is to have your own professional blog. I know as well how much money launching a decent blog takes. The ONE provides you with a great opportunity to build a nice and neat blog and what is more important — a cheap blog.

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I do think that the ONE is also the best option for the web developers who need a wide range of website design options. The ONE Subscription will be quite useful for the entrepreneurs who transfer their businesses online as well. In general, the ONE will be pretty beneficial for all the individuals whose work (or maybe even hobbies) is connected with the internet. And certainly, the ONE is the choice of all the intelligent people who need a decent product for an affordable price.

The only issue about the ONE Subscription that actually concerns me is the fact I will not be able to use the items from the subscription after its expiration. However, the good news is that I can always prolong my ONE Subscription and continue experiencing all the benefits it can provide me with. In any case, the ONE is perhaps the best service of its kind so far.

So to Sum Up, Let’s Define all the ONE’s Cons and Pros


  • a tremendous choice of WordPress themes;
  • all the necessary plugins are included;
  • a vast variety of HTML templates;
  • thousands of different items for website building;
  • user-friendly;
  • unlimited yearly license;
  • your end-products will continue to work properly even after the expiration of your subscription;
  • and last but not least, affordable price.


  • you wouldn’t be able to utilize the purchased products after your license expiration.

I tried to review the ONE as careful as possible and now I can say my conclusion. I can surely recommend the ONE to everybody who needs a wide variety of WordPress themes, HTML templates as well as lots of visual content, graphics, and powerful plugins for a pretty reasonable price. This subscription literally has everything you may need for building a website, is user-friendly, and cheap.

What about you? Do you use any subscription in your work?

Developer’s Pack: The ONE Subscription was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Never Look Away: A Cinematic Masterpiece for Our Times

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Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, the German director of the film The Lives of Others (2006), has produced another masterpiece. It is entitled Werk ohne Autor (or Never Look Away in the United States) and was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Cinematography, but it was the best movie of 2018. Perhaps unintentionally, it is also a libertarian cry.

A young man who aspires to become a painter, Kurt, traverses the atrocious sequence of twentieth-century Germany: Nazism, the destruction of his city and family during the war, East German communism, and his country’s partition, which forces him to flee to the western side.

During that journey, Kurt experiences the chilling fate of the citizens of countries marked by totalitarianism and violence on a massive scale, in which any relationship can intertwine the lives of victims and perpetrators without their knowledge. Such is the case of Kurt (whose close aunt and mentor was murdered when he was a child, under the eugenics program conducted by the Nazis against “defective” beings) and Ellie (his girlfriend and wife, who studies fashion design and whose father was in charge of that policy in a Dresden hospital).

All the political and social systems through which Kurt passes want to regiment his vocation, turning his craftsmanship into a political or social instrument and suppressing his creative sovereignty.

In West Germany, to where he flees, Kurt also has difficulty finding his own artistic voice, although not because of totalitarian imposition. Instead, the prevalence of avant-garde fashions encouraging the unbridled expression of each artist, but which involve meaningless “happenings” and little art, ironically exert a collectivist pressure on anyone who tries to explore a path away from those fads.

Kurt is also limited by his own inability to transform the traumatic experiences that have opened a deep wound in his sensibility into personal, authentic works of art.

But one day, finally, he breaks through the inhibitions and oppressive social pressures, thanks to one of those intuitive moments that bring forth the genius, that most genuine expression of individuality, in a creator. Kurt finds a way to transform his wounds into art by apparently copying on the canvas black and white photographs of beings related to his painful experiences—images he then blurs with just a thick brush to give them a personal touch and make them somewhat less accurate than a photograph.

We will never know, because of the film’s masterfully manipulated ambiguity, whether Kurt uncovers his father-in-law’s secret and that character’s dark connection with the family tragedy of his own childhood, or whether the painting in which he portrays his aunt murdered by the Nazis and his father-in-law speaks to us more of a coincidence, a brilliant intuition, not a revenge.

Werk ohne Autor is a film about the twentieth century, but it is equally relevant to the twenty-first century because it celebrates the struggle of the individual against all forms of collectivism that limit, inhibit, and hurt him or her. Many oppressive regimes and medieval customs survive today and grind daily the sensibility of artists like Kurt; in the free West we also suffer, with the sinister populisms of the left and the right; the dictatorship of political correctness in academia, politics and the media; and campaigns of coordinated stupidity in the social media—collectivisms that seek to abort the specificity, the singularity, of the individual.

A deep theme of Werk ohne Autor is what Kurt’s schizophrenic aunt tells him as a child: “Never look away because everything that is true is beautiful,” a phrase echoing Keats’ famous “Ode on a Grecian Urn.” Only when Kurt understands this after his tortured, years-long search, does he manage to extract art and beauty from the depths of his experience of evil. In depicting this breakthrough, the film also explores another profound theme that is pertinent to our times: the rebellion of the individual against all the forms invented by ideology, society and fashion to put down his fire.

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Why 2018 Federal Tax Collections Rose Even Though Corporate Tax Revenue Fell

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With the deadline for U.S. residents to file their 2018 income tax returns having once again come and gone, a good question to ask is, How much money does the federal government collect each calendar year?

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Monthly Treasury Statements are the sources for the numbers shown in the chart below for the tax years of 2016, 2017, and 2018.

U.S. Government Combined Tax Revenue from All Major Sources, 2016-2018

Uncle Sam receives a pretty steady annual income from his tax collection racket, which is surprising because the U.S. government enacted significant income tax cuts for corporations and individuals in 2018.

Although many people might expect that the government’s revenues from these sources would be down in 2018 when compared to previous years, the numbers indicate that revenue fell only for corporate income taxes.

The amount of money that the U.S. government collected from individual income taxes actually rose.

U.S. Government Tax Revenue From Major Sources, 2016-2018

There are several reasons that individual income-tax revenue increased. First, more Americans earned incomes in 2018, with many earning higher incomes and working more hours than they did in 2017, which boosted the U.S. government’s tax collections from individual income taxes by $40 billion and its tax collections from Social Security and Medicare taxes by $17 billion.

Part of that increase in individual income resulted from the reduction in corporate income taxes, which led many employers to pass through more of their business revenue to their employees in the form of adding new hires to their payrolls and rewarding many employees with raises and bonuses. Many corporations also increased the dividends they paid to their shareholders, which boosted that form of individual income as well, with dividends subject to dividend income taxes. Also, some corporations bought back stock from their shareholders, with proceeds becoming subject to capital gains taxes as part of the shareholders’ income taxes.

Another reason is the stronger growth that the U.S. economy experienced in 2018. The tax cuts are believed to have stimulated the economy to achieve its strongest annual growth since before the 2008 recession. That greater economic activity helped boost the U.S. government’s revenues from its excise taxes by $21 billion, whose rates were unchanged by the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017.

Together, faster economic growth and increased numbers of Americans earning higher incomes led to increased individual tax collections in 2018, even though most Americans are seeing their effective individual income taxes decline when compared to what they would have paid on the same incomes in the 2017 tax year.

The tax cuts did not, however, fully pay for themselves. The U.S. government’s tax collections during the 2018 calendar year rose above their 2017 level only because the U.S. government also increased its taxes on imported goods from several nations in 2018, most notably China, as part of President Trump’s trade war strategy. These increased tariff revenues added a little over $14 billion more to the U.S. Treasury’s coffers in 2018 as compared to 2017, but with American businesses and consumers paying a portion of the increase through higher prices.

Tax collections from U.S. corporation income taxes fell by $88 billion as a direct result of the tax reform, but overall, the U.S. government collected some $5 billion more in taxes in 2018 than it did in 2017 because of the way its other major sources of revenue from its taxes increased to offset this reduction.

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You Can Fight City Hall, but You’ll Almost Certainly Lose

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One of the chief reasons why almost every regime in the world has converged to a system of participatory fascism is that this system creates or retains a great variety of institutionalized opportunities for the state’s victims—who compose the great majority of the people—to challenge the state’s exactions and to “make their voices heard,” thereby gaining the impression that the rulers are not simply oppressing and exploiting them unilaterally but involving them in an essential way in the making and enforcement of rules.

These opportunities help to allay public resentment and anger, assuring people that they have had “their day in court,” and thereby serve to prop up the regime and its ongoing exploitation. These official avenues of protest and resistance are, however, rarely of any real avail. The oppressed citizens and other residents are protesting the actions of legislatures, government executives, bureaucracies, and courts run by the very people who are engaged in the oppression and plunder. The opportunities for voicing feedback are, in effect, ways in which people are allowed to request that the slave master stop beating them or reduce the severity of the beating. Rarely do the petitioners win, and even when they do, the costs of making their appeals, especially through the legal system, guarantee that they will be impoverished in the process.

Heads you lose, tails you lose. I promise you that in making the foregoing statements, I am speaking not only from my scholarly engagement with the matter but also from my personal experience, some of which grinds on seemingly endlessly even as I tap out this cri de coeur.

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Video: Forex Trading Opportunities for the Week Ahead 22 April 19

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Here is the video version of our Forex trading opportunities for the week ahead.

Please go here for the written summary: Forex Trading Opportunities for the week ahead

About the Author

Sam Eder is a currency trader and author of the Definitive Guide to Developing a Winning Forex Trading System and the Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders (get free access). He is the owner of a provider of Forex signals from ex-bank and hedge fund traders (get a free trial). If you like Sam’s writing you can subscribe to his newsletter.

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Forex Trading Opportunities for the Week Ahead 22 April 19

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Note that this is my current view, but if market conditions change my view can change too. Generally I will trade in alignment with what I have noted here, though I will wait for a set-up before I enter. I base my view on technical and fundamental information. This is my beliefs and you are welcome to have opposite ones. Having a plan is more important than the actual direction for me. 

  • Wait DXY.  – MT is sideways normal. The price action we are seeing on the dollar index is constructive. A sideways quiet MT just below resistance is what we want to see before a breakout. The fundamentals are lining up as well. There is clear divergence in economic performance between the US and it’s major counterparts, in particular Europe. Trade talks with China are progressing with more positive sound bites which is bullish USD. Continue to be patient in these market conditions but be ready to trade a break through resistance.
  • Wait GBP/USD. – MT is sideways normal. GBP has closed below the key 1.30 figure, but has not broken through support. Data has been decent out of the UK. There has not been much news on Brexit. The recent move seems to be driven by the USD leg of the pair. If GBPUSD breaks through support then we can expect a move back to 1.28.
  • Wait USD/JPY. – MT is sideways normal. It was a quiet week for USDJPY. The pair barely moved, consolidating below resistance at 112.00. Stocks have not done much either. Wait for now.
  • Wait AUD/USD. –  MT is bull normal. Despite just holding onto the bull MT, so far the pair has failed to gain any momentum and failed to break through the key 0.72 figure. A evening star candlestick reversal pattern has formed. There was an employment number beat, but it is probably not enough to change anything just now. RBA minutes indicate that a rate cut may be on the cards. Westpac is calling for this to happen in August. Another positive note was good China data. While there are some conflicting forces in play, USD strength, a dovish RBA and bearish price action suggest that there is not much upside potential here.
  • Wait EUR/USD. –  MT is sideways normal. The EUR is consolidating near key support at 1.12. This is the type of price action we want to see before a breakout. European data has been poor, in contrast with US data. Yields are in favor the USD and the ECB is likely to keep rates negative for longer. Volatility in the Euro has hit all-time lows. This suggests that when there is a breakout, it will be strong. Look to short the pair below 1.12.
  • Sell NZD/USD. –  MT is bear normal. Support has now been broken. There was poor CPI data in NZ which was followed by the US retail sales beat. There is the chance of a rate cut in May. This will weigh on sentiment. Look for a move towards 0.6580.
  • Wait USD/CHF.  – MT sideways normal. The pair has busted through resistance at 1.0130. EURCHF has been rising rapidly, stocks remain bullish and there is broad-based USD strength. Watch out for any bearish candles that form on key resistance like this, but otherwise we can expect the pair to move towards 1.03.
  • Wait USD/CAD. – MT is sideways quiet. CAD remains within the sideways quiet MT. While data was good out of the US, it was good out of Canada too. While a breakout from this MT could be a good trading opportunity, I think there are better. Note there is a BOC meeting coming up.
  • Wait EUR/GBP.  – MT is bear normal. The pair is trapped in a range between 0.8730 and 0.8480. Volatility has died down a bit. In this MT selling from the top of the range makes sense.


  • Buy EUR/CHF. – MT is bull normal.
  • Buy AUD/JPY.  – MT is bull normal.
  • Wait NZD/JPY. – MT is sideways normal.
  • Wait GBP/JPY. – MT is sideways normal.
  • Wait EUR/JPY. – MT is sideways normal.
  • Wait CAD/JPY. – MT is sideways normal.
  • Sell CHF/JPY.  – MT is bear normal.
  • Wait GBP/NZD. – MT is sideways quiet.
  • Buy EUR/NZD. – MT is bull normal.
  • Buy AUD/NZD. – MT is bull normal.
  • Sell EUR/AUD.  – MT is bear normal.
  • Sell GBP/AUD. – MT is bear normal.
  • Wait AUD/CAD. – MT is sideways normal.
  • Sell GBP/CAD. –  MT is bear normal.
  • Wait EUR/CAD. – MT is sideways normal.
  • Sell NZD/CAD. – MT is bear normal.
  • Buy GBP/CHF. – MT is bull normal.
  • Buy CAD/CHF.  – MT is bull normal.
  • Wait NZD/CHF.   MT is sideways normal.
  • Buy AUD/CHF.  MT is bull normal.

Other Markets

  • Sell Gold. – MT is bear normal.
  • Buy Oil. – MT is bull normal.
  • Buy S&P 500.  – MT is bull normal.
  • Buy DAX. – MT is bull normal.
  • Buy Nikkei. – MT is bull normal.
  • Wait T-Notes. – MT is sideways normal.

View bank reports and fundamental analysis in the chatroom (members only)

View the chatroom 

Economic calendar for the week ahead:

View economic calendar

(MT = Market Type: Click for more information on market types.)

About the Author

Sam Eder is a currency trader and author of the Definitive Guide to Developing a Winning Forex Trading System and the Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders (get free access). He is the owner of a provider of Forex signals from ex-bank and hedge fund traders (get a free trial). If you like Sam’s writing you can subscribe to his newsletter.

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Nonprofit Branding: Why You Must Build a Strong Nonprofit Brand

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Nonprofits are not traditional businesses.

They serve a higher purpose.

And, they operate differently than for-profit businesses on a fundamental level.

But, just because nonprofits aren’t in it for the money doesn’t mean they can or should ignore branding.

If you’re starting a new business, a strong brand identity is the most effective way for your new business to gain a competitive edge.

But a strong brand identity may be even more important for nonprofits than for regular companies.

As Matt Schwartz of Philanthropy News Digest points out, nonprofits simply don’t provide the same instant gratification of a traditional purchase. Instead, nonprofits appeal to people to invest their time and money in a cause that’s far less tangible.

So, what is a brand in the nonprofit world? Schwartz defines a nonprofit brand as:

 …a combination of your mission, values, strategy, relationships, impact — and their value to the world. It’s a gut feeling about the promises you make and your reputation for keeping (or breaking) them.

When you think of it that way, a strong brand is vital to your organization’s success.

The good news is that nonprofits are increasingly aware of this importance. In 2012 the Stanford Social Innovation Review reported that:

Branding in the nonprofit sector appears to be at an inflection point in its development. Although many nonprofits continue to take a narrow approach to brand management, using it as a tool for fundraising, a growing number are moving beyond that approach to explore the wider, strategic roles that brands can play: driving broad, long-term social goals, while strengthening internal identity, cohesion, and capacity.

The trend of emphasizing branding as an overarching strategic tool for nonprofits has only matured in the years since. And, for good reason.

So, let’s take a look at the role branding can – and should – play in your nonprofit’s overall strategy.

1. Be understood – a clear brand message resonates.

Nonprofits deal with a variety of audiences.

Their donors, volunteers, and constituents (and sometimes the government) must be able to easily understand who they are and what they’re about.

People don’t want to volunteer their time or money for nothing. They need a worthwhile cause to motivate them. And, a nonprofit’s brand identity is responsible for bridging that communication gap.

A well-executed brand identity will help people understand your mission.

But, a brand identity that clear and well-defined doesn’t happen by accident.  It has to be planned with intent – from the visuals of your logo and website to the messaging of your company name and marketing copy.

Ilma Ibrisevic of the Donorbox Nonprofit Blog points out:

When a brand has been intentionally crafted, properly positioned and aligned to its target audiences, the trust, and loyalty of the audience increase.

This is ultimately the goal of any good brand in the profit or nonprofit sectors – to build trust and loyalty so that people will engage with you.

And, trust and loyalty can only occur when you have an understandable, relatable cause fronted by an authentic brand.

How to Make it Happen

  • Choose a brand name that clearly communicates your mission.
  • Work with a professional designer or crowdsourcing design team to get a unique logo that captures the essence of your mission.
  • Choose brand colors that elicit an emotional response that supports your mission.
  • Share your branding journey on your website to help your audience understand how your brand name, colors, and logo are inspired by and encapsulate your organization’s goals.

2. Get heard – a strong brand cuts through the noise.

People today are overwhelmed with marketing messages.

As we wrote previously,

According to recent studies, the average person is exposed to anywhere from 3,000 to a staggering 20,000 messages and brands a day.

This constant media bombardment is a tremendous drain on a person’s mental resources. And, non-profits have to compete on the same field as every other business for a share of the same consumers’ limited attention.

So, if you want your important message to be heard, you have to speak in a way that allows your audience to hear you. That includes cultivating a recognizable, consistent brand that people can trust.

The human mind seeks out things that are familiar and easily identifiable.  In fact, as we previously explained, ” the simple act of repeated exposure automatically triggers an increased positive association in our brains.”

In other words, brands that remain consistent will be viewed more favorably the more frequently people encounter them.

Brands that are inconsistent will not enjoy that same reward. In fact, inconsistent branding may both undermine trust and make it harder to recognize your organization.

If you’re seeking funding, volunteers, or simply shares and likes on social media, a consistent brand will help your message be heard.

How to Make it Happen

  • Use the same visual branding wherever your organization is represented. Your organization’s website; print and television ads; and signage, flyers, and brochures for events should all feature the same unique and easy-to-recognize logo.
  • Select unique and appropriate brand colors to be used on all of your marketing and fundraising materials. Color makes a strong impact on people’s perception of your brand. Using the same color palette will increase the recognition of your brand.

3. Raise funds – people donate to brands they trust.

As a nonprofit, your mission is to deliver social impact – not make money.

But, it’s hard to deliver social impact without money.

This is where fundraising enters the picture.

Fundraising is the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations.  Funding allows your organization to continue to function – which ensures that you can keep working toward your higher goal.

And, with the advent of nonprofit grading sites like and, people are more aware than ever about making sure the nonprofits they support are trustworthy. This heightened awareness (and frequent cynicism) makes it harder than ever to raise money.

But, a brand that’s linked with a strong reputation helps to overcome this challenge.  For example, The American Cancer Society raised roughly 860 million dollars in 2017. They’ve cultivated a strong and trustworthy brand.

Create your own transparent and trustworthy brand and you’ll see higher revenues for your organization, too.

How to Make it Happen

  • Put the money you raise where you claimed it would go. This should be a no-brainer – but sadly, it’s not. You may need to use funds for infrastructural costs like salaries, utility bills, and rent. But, the vast majority of the money you raise should, of course, go to supporting your mission.
  • Be transparent about how you use your money. Let people know how much of your revenue goes to infrastructural costs like salaries, utility bills, and rent vs directly funding your mission. People want to see the impact their dollars have made. Transparency increases the likelihood that people will remain engaged with your efforts and your organization. It also reassures new and potential donors that your brand can be trusted.
  • Make your fiscal responsibility and transparency central themes of your brand identity.
    • Include financial breakdowns on your branded website.
    • Share your devotion to fiscal transparency in your marketing messages.
    • Make sure your visual branding is always present when showcasing successful endeavors.


Nonprofits are vital organizations fighting to make a difference in our world.

As a nonprofit, you need to use every tool in your arsenal to effect the change you wish to see. Don’t overlook a consistent, authentic brand when planning your strategy.



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Maximizing Visual Learning In The Workplace

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Today’s competitive business world requires people to continually learn and grow to become more effective in their jobs. This can pose challenges for bosses who have to figure out how to best convey new information to a wide range of employees who have different learning styles.

A mismatch between learning styles and training or communication methods can be discouraging to everyone involved. After all, the majority of people (65 percent) are visual learners.

Traits of Visual Learners.

Per Inc., employees who are strong visual learners often dress well. They are usually found in a meeting with a well-used notepad jotting down information or drawing out important concepts.

Many visual learners also do well in opportunities to self-instruct but will often lose focus very quickly if a discussion or lecture turns into a long monologue. Reaching visual learners in the workplace is vital because they are often creative, design-savvy, and have a strong sense of orientation and planning.

These attributes can be beneficial to a wide range of businesses and other team members who might learn in different ways. But to get the value and true potential out of visual learners, the processes first need to be put in place.

Three Ways to Maximize Visual Learning in the Workplace.

1. Less Talk, More Words.

The best way to reach visual learners is to make sure relevant information can always be seen and that discussion stays on point. Communicate through email or by note when possible instead of over the phone or speaking in person for these reasons.

Encourage people to take notebooks to meetings so they can write down key points and outline what is being said. Structure meetings and collaboration sessions to allow everyone a chance to speak. Limit interruptions and cyclical discourse to keep the meeting notes clear. These process tweaks will allow visual learners enough time to take detailed notes, which you should encourage them to share following the meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Next time you see an employee doodling during a meeting, don’t assume they’re spacing out. They are probably just a visual learner coping with a boring discussion.

2. Bring Raw Information to Life Through Data Visualization Software.

Using data to try and convey information can be a formidable task if you have a room full of visual learners. Fortunately, there are a wide array of data visualization tools that can bring complicated spreadsheets and disparate data sources together for engaging and actionable insights.

Using data visualization software not only aids visual learners, but anyone in the organization that depends on data to make decisions. Visualizing data does not have to be a complicated process when insights are automated. Data visualizations generated by ad-hoc search queries, like ThoughtSpot’s platform does, allows any employee to digest information and apply it in their daily workflow. Since visual learners respond very well to color, mapping numbers and data points using hue or shading positions can be another good way to convey important information in an easy-to-digest manner.

3. Incorporate Lots of Graphics & Pictures.

Visual learners are not going to take much away from a 5,000-word whitepaper or a long lecture-style meeting. Break up long documents with charts, and other diagrams that show key information in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Incorporate color and photos into presentation slides to keep visual learners engaged. Even better, print and pass out the necessary diagrams and charts before a meeting or lecture so visual learners can follow along and digest information at their own pace.

Embracing the range of learning styles in the workplace makes businesses more agile and productive as employees have access to learning mediums that accelerate their takeaways. Reaching visual learners through training, meetings, and other day-to-day activities in a suitable format will allow creativity to flourish in the workplace and keep businesses ahead of the competition.


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Learn Mandarin In Singapore: Why It’s So Beneficial When Starting Up An International Business

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Mandarin is the most widely spoken first language of the world. Many countries, among them Singapore, speak it. If you’re in Singapore, you can learn Mandarin in many ways through private schools, local community clubs or government-accredited agencies.

Aside from gaining new knowledge and fluency in another language, learning Mandarin is also beneficial when it comes to starting up an international business.

Here’s why:

1. You can be at par with the competition.

Learning Mandarin through language centers like Yi Mandarin in Singapore can hugely benefit you if you’re starting up an international business by improving one crucial factor: communication. With efficient communication, you can quickly close business deals and open up your international business to new opportunities that could benefit the startup. With 14% of the global population speaking Mandarin, you can compete not only locally, but globally, because of the large number of people who can speak the language. You could also navigate easily through the places in Singapore because it is one of the most spoken languages in the country.

In addition, you are also improving and opening your doors to business opportunities with the fastest growing economy in the world: the Chinese economy. China has products in nearly every industry, from clothes to the latest technology the world has seen, and this could be crucial to your international business as you will be able to deal with just about any type of business venture.

By improving communication skills to close out better business deals quickly and to cross the borders of business opportunities and ventures, you can indeed be at par with international competitors as having an edge in Mandarin can become your key to success.

2. You can make more networks in business.

Another crucial factor when it comes to the success of starting your international business is business relationships. To be successful in the international market, you need to establish long-lasting and trustworthy relationships so that more business opportunities will come knocking at your door. Every billionaire did not gain success overnight, much less by themselves. They made it possible because of the relationships that they built around the company, which provided them with new business opportunities that paved the way to their professional achievements.

To establish long-lasting and trustworthy relationships, you need to communicate better with people, and what other better way to do that than to learn their language. A lot of CEOs and business executives are native Mandarin speakers, and an excellent way to impress them is to speak their own language. In that way, you are showing that you give importance to your business relationship with them. Therefore, you are establishing better foundations for business opportunities to flourish, which can be possible by expanding your business network.

3. You can familiarize yourself with Chinese culture.

By learning Mandarin, you will also be immersed in Chinese culture, enabling you to break the culture gap in the event that you have to communicate with Chinese executives or establish partnerships with them. In being more knowledgeable and familiar with their culture, you can avoid committing mistakes that could otherwise leave a bad impression upon the person you are about to close a business deal with. For instance, Chinese people prepare rare or expensive foods to show respect to guests. You can also use this when meeting with Chinese investors: prepare rare or expensive meals to let them feel they are valued.

You can also make them feel more at ease when discussing business deals with you since they know that you are familiar with their culture, which also involves how they typically conduct their business affairs. Learning their language and customs can help you easily convince them to invest in your business. These can be small but crucial aspects that could help you make or break a business deal.

Since Chinese people value their culture, learning it can open more potential investors or partners for your international business. They often value relationships and most of them only establish partnerships with people whom they are familiar with. Learning Mandarin will also teach you how to interact with them better.


Learning Mandarin in Singapore could be hugely beneficial not only when starting your international business, but also for your personal growth as well. By learning this language, you are improving your intellectual skills, as well as social and communication skills, which are vital in establishing a successful global business that could potentially benefit everyone your company, whether you’re based in Singapore or elsewhere in the world.


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Can I Trademark My Product Overseas?

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Businesses need to protect their brands and intellectual property in their country of origin – and abroad. A trademark registration assigns ownership of a business name, logos, slogans and other unique features of your company. It protects against any ownership infringements.

With many companies taking advantage of the access to global reach that the Internet has afforded them, or are now trading online in other countries, protecting their brand overseas has come into focus. These companies need to ensure their brand’s rights extend beyond Australia.

You will automatically get some protection when you lodge a mark in Australia, but it’s not sufficient to prevent another entity using your intellectual property in another country. If you don’t have the adequate protection or rights in the markets you are trading in others can legally use that same mark.

If you register your trademark in Australia, you can file a single application with The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), under their International Trademark Registration facility. This allows you international registration under what is called the Madrid Protocol. It has a membership of over 95 countries.  The protocol recognises that if you’re using a trademark globally via the Internet, it automatically places you as a trader in an international market.

You are covered if you’ve nominated the countries (also members of WIPO) in which you want to trade. A trademark professional can guide you in this process. Each appointed state conducts research and will respond with its result to the WIPO head office.

If you’re selling your services in another country using an online platform, you could receive a letter of complaint from another trader in that territory implying that you’re infringing on their mark rights. You may inadvertently be encroaching on their intellectual property if you don’t adhere to the regulations in the WIPO protocol.

You’ll need professional guidance when an international rights holder contacts you, and you’ll need to rectify the alleged infringements immediately. This could be something as simple as amending your contact details on your website to prove you don’t deliver products in that country. You may need to update wording to clarify that you’re not affiliated with that rights holder.

If you rectify the issue, the trader will have limits to the damages they can collect. If you ignore their allegations, they may have the right to claim damages. It’s unlikely you’ll have infringed in other situation if you’ve acquired a trademark ‘in good faith’ and have provided detailed contact information.

It’s advisable as a new business owner to first register your mark in Australia and then the countries you intend to trade in or promote your brand. It’s unnecessary to apply to every state; focus on those that are relevant to your product or target market.

You need a trademark professional to guide you about potential pitfalls too. In Australia, for example, if you register a trademark and then don’t use it, there is a system in place that allows your mark to be removed. Most territories have a similar clause in operation. For example, the USA requires traders to prove they are still using the mark continuously to retain ownership.

An important factor to note is the day you file your application to register your mark in Australia. This is called a ‘priority date,’ and it’s automatically recognised in other countries you apply for a trademark in. It covers a period of six months from the date you file. The benefit of this is that you’re covered for half a year by your original mark registration, giving you time to assess the viability of your product or service internationally before you pursue intellectual property protection outside of Australia.

An international trademark comes with government and professional fees and can be complicated and expensive depending on the country you’re applying it and the options you adopt. Costs will vary according to:

  • The individual states you register your trademark in. Different countries charge different amounts.
  • The number of classes you feature in your trademark.
  • The use of the Madrid Protocol system or if you choose to use each country’s trademark office instead.
  • A need to hire a solicitor or a trademarks attorney in another country to deal with objections and other filing issues.

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