5 Tips That Will Help Agencies and Freelancers Impress Clients With Rockstar Presentations

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I’m about to lay down some truth.

How you present a design to a client can be as important as the design itself.

I can hear the outrage already. “Good design speaks for itself!” the nay-sayers will cry.

And, in some cases that may be true.

Other creative directors, designers or visual marketers may be able to identify good design. But, that doesn’t mean that every client can do so.

Most clients simply don’t see your work from your perspective.

But, a strong presentation bridges the gap between a creative’s vision and a client’s perception.

And, the right presentation can mean the difference between a client’s buy-in and the outright dismissal of a design, strategy or proposal.

If you want a client to see your idea’s true potential, you…

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