17 Frugal Summer Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy

Looking to keep your kids busy this summer without breaking the bank? Here are 17 frugal summer activities your kids will love!

Summer is just around the corner and I’m not mad about it!

I look forward to my kids’ summer break from school every
year but inevitably after about a week I start hearing the dreaded phrase “I’m bored.”

Maybe you can relate?

If so, you can keep your kids entertained with these 17
frugal summer activities.

Frugal and Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Here are some frugal and fun summer activities for kids no
matter their age.

1.) Grow a Garden

We grow a garden every year and my middle daughter absolutely LOVES planting and then later collecting all the vegetables.

If you’ve never gardened, you can start small and just grab
a few plants to put on your patio. Encourage your kids to care for the new

2.)  Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are often needing volunteers. For the right
child this would be a great opportunity to stay busy and give back.

3.) Make Homemade Ice-cream

Making homemade ice cream is fun no matter the age. Here is a great
recipe for homemade ice cream.

4.) Have a Water
Balloon Fight

Super-hot day? Fill up some water balloons and let your kids
have a water balloon war.

5.) Host a Fancy
Dinner Party

Pull out some sparkling grape juice (get it at the Dollar
Tree for $1), put on some fancy clothes, and set the table for a fancy dinner

6.) Go Backyard

Going camping doesn’t mean you have to go far. Pop a tent in
the backyard and go camping as a family. (Or, if your kids are old enough let
them sleep in the tent themselves.)

7.) Have a Living
Room Sleepover

It’s crazy how excited kids can get over something as little
as sleeping in a different room! This would be a great activity for the family
to do on a weekend.

8.) Go to the Beach

Does any kid NOT like going to the beach? Certainly none I’ve
ever met.

This is a free and fun activity to do on a lazy day.

9.) Practice a New Skill

One of my daughters loves to do gymnastics while the other
is playing softball for the first time. Both are competitive and want to get
better at their chosen sport.

If there’s an activity your kids are interested in,
encourage them to practice the skills they need to improve.

10.) Go to the Park

You can never go wrong with the park. Plus, if your kids are
old enough you can let them play while you catch up on emails or read a book.

11.) Go for a Hike

Need a change of scenery? Go to the nearest state-owned
forest and take a hike.

12.) Visit the

The library is not only great for getting books, but they
also host many different activities. Check with your local library to see if
they have any upcoming events your kids would like to attend.

13.) Organize

Ok – I know, some kids think this is fun and some don’t. I
have one of each in my house!

If your kids do like organizing, give them a hand and help
organize their room.

14.) Have a Game

Game nights as a family are so fun! Pull out a few of your
favorite games and some snacks.

Our favorite games are Rummy, Yahtzee, Clue and Pay Day.

15.) Teach Your Kids
How to Cook

This is something I did last summer and my girls loved it!
We started small and within a couple weeks both older girls were making their
own eggs for breakfast.

16.) Go Bowling

Most bowling alleys have “kids bowl free” for the summer.
This year our local bowling alley is providing two hours of free bowling per
day for everyone in the household – also includes free shoe rental!

Check out Kids Bowl
Free for info in your area.

17.) Do Crafts

I’m willing to bet you have plenty of art supplies at home.
Set up a craft table and let your kids create.

Make a “Before Electronics” List

One of the most important things you can for your kids this
summer is set a limit on electronics.

My oldest would spend all day and night on her iPad if I’d
let it her. It’s not healthy and I
notice that when she spends too much time on electronics her attitude takes a
turn for the worst.

I encourage you to make a list of items your kids must do before they are allowed online.
Take into consideration chores AND any goals your kids may be working toward.

Here’s an example list:

  • Make Bed
  • Unload Dishwasher
  • Practice Gymnastics 30 minutes
  • Shower
  • Get Dressed

If you don’t want to make a “before electronics” list, you
could also set a specific time of day when electronics are allowed.

Getting Kids Out of the House Everyday

Another of my goals to keep the summer fun and prevent cabin
fever is to go somewhere for just a little bit every day.

These are just simple outings – nothing fancy. Here’s a look
at what we would do:

  • Go to park
  • Go swimming at YMCA
  • Visit the library
  • Go to park
  • Go swimming at YMCA

Simple. And cheap. The park and library are free, and we
have a membership to the Y so these activities don’t take any money out of my
pocket but help everyone feel like they aren’t stuck at home 24/7.

Summer Fun Does NOT Have to Be Expensive

You and your kids can have a fantastically fun summer
without spending hardly anything!

Decide which activities would be best for you and your
family and then rotate through them as you see fit.

What’s your favorite frugal summer activity?

Looking to keep your kids busy this summer without breaking the bank? Here are 17 frugal summer activities your kids will love! #frugal #kidsactivities #cheapkidsactivities

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