How To Take Your Handyman Career To The Next Level

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Being a handy-man offers a lot of mobility and freedom. You develop relationships with all your clients and become known in the neighborhood as someone trustworthy. Plus, you know how to fix everything in your own house. This is a huge benefit if you’re trying to do remodeling. No outside costs or discounted costs from co-workers who know parts of the craft that you don’t.

But, being a handy-man isn’t an end. There is farther to climb in the house building, fixing, and maintenance career field. Becoming a general contractor could be an amazing next step to having a great and independent career.

Handyman vs Contractor. 

Why should you try to get your general contractor’s license? Well, a handyman can only cover so much. They can work small jobs, quick repairs, or tasks that are valued under a certain dollar amount. There are also under the table jobs. However, these are risky and will give you no backing by the systems meant to support you.

A contractor, on the other hand, has all the support from the systems. They are legally able to take larger jobs. The license allows you to bid for commercial or residential contracting jobs. You can also expand your business and hire out more hands. Becoming a contractor allows you to expand your services and take more of a managerial role.

You can earn a lot more money as a contractor because you are able to take longer and more difficult jobs. Plus, you now have the paper credentials to back your talent. Having word of mouth is one thing. It is only made better by getting the license.

How Do I Get a Contractor’s License? 

It’s as simple as taking an exam. There is some studying involved, but rather than studying boring mental things, you’ll be studying practical skills. Basically, you need to know all the things that every general contractor should know about.

There are plenty of online resources for studying to pass the general contractor exams. Plus, using your experience as a handyman will help you a lot. If you have practical experience out in the field, your chances of passing the exam the first time increase a lot.

Benefits of Becoming a Contractor. 

Once you have the license, your reputation will sky rocket. You’ll be able to charge more money, and the clients will see you more readily. You’ll also be able to specialize. This means that you can choose what part of home renovation that you want to focus on. If you’ve always been interested in flooring, you can specialize in that. Finding that specialization also puts you in a better place compared to your competition.

People will seek out your business more often. This is because they know that you have been specially trained to give them the quality products and services that they desire.

There’s no drama because you are your own boss. You don’t have to work with others unless you choose to, or your client requires it. But, in the end, you can always refuse and choose what jobs you want to take.

Being a contractor is not for everyone. After all, it takes some time and dedication. However, if you are willing to study and put in the work, there are so many benefits. Contracting gives a freedom that not many people have, stuck in their stuffy office jobs. You also gain skills and knowledge that you can use in everyday situations.

So, if you are ready to take your handyman job to the next level and start a full-on general contractor career, start prepping for the license. Then get ready to see your business soar.


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