Ethereum Geth: Installing and Running a Node

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Ethereum Geth: Installing and Running a Node

In order to participate in a blockchain, there usually is a need to run some form of client software that implements the features required to become a node. Even for actions such as simply sending a transaction to the network, a node is usually required. Participation in the Ethereum blockchain can be done by making use of Ethereum Geth, the command line interface for running a node on the Ethereum network, which has been implemented using the Go programming language.

The goal of Ethereum has always been to provide a number of different client software implementations, written in different programming languages, that will foster a diverse ecosystem within Ethereum. However, by far the most mature implementation of Ethereum is “Go Ethereum”, abbreviated to Geth. While there are other clients, notably Parity, Geth can be seen as the defacto reference implementation for running an Ethereum node.

In this article, we discuss Ethereum Geth, its architecture, and how it can be used to run an Ethereum node or light client.

Ethereum Geth Architecture

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