Top 40 EOS Dapps

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Top 40 EOS Dapps

EOS is an open platform technology with a decentralized public blockchain. Developers can build and launch their own decentralized applications, or dapps, using smart contracts written in any programming language that compiles to WebAssembly. Example programming languages that can be used to build EOS dapps include C++, Python, and Go.

This article will look at the top 40 EOS dapps currently running on the EOS blockchain, as well as metrics such as: weekly active users and weekly transaction volume.

  • Weekly Active Users – This metric is a measure of how many unique users interact with an EOS dapp within a certain period of time, in this case the period of time will be a week, i.e. 7 days. A unique user is defined as someone who interacts with an EOS dapp at least once in those 7 days. If they interact with the EOS dapp more than once in a week, the user will still only be counted as one active user.
  • Weekly Transaction Volume ($) – This metric measures the total dollar amount that was transacted over the span of a week in an EOS dapp.

All data was sourced from dapp analytics website: DappRadar.

1. PRA CandyBox (Other)

  • Weekly Active Users: 14,600
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $0

PRA Candybox is a dapp for EOS token distribution. The users can claim tokens every 4 hours. The more EPRA token you deposit, the shorter duration and more times accumulated you can grab tokens again. PRA Candybox has integrated with TokenPocket, MEET.ONE, MathWallet, Lynx, NOVA Wallet and more than 20 EOS mobile wallets. There is also a web version for chrome user who has scatter installed.

2. ENBank (Other)

  • Weekly Active Users: 7,100
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $0

ENBank is a Chinese made EOS dapp built around the concept of banking.

3. EOS Knights (Games)

  • Weekly Active Users: 7,900
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $16,900

EOS Knights is a first mobile game that runs on the EOS blockchain. The game can be played on mobile and on pc and so can be downloaded from its website as well as the android play store and Apple app store.

4. Token Planet (Games)

  • Weekly Active Users: 4,800
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $0

Token Planet is the world’s first EOS-based blockchain game platform. Token Planet is committed to creating a blockchain game ecosystem that integrates finance, service and entertainment. In the world of Token Planet, players can explore and develop star resources and establish their own business system. Through game operation, players will acquire the game tokens of intrinsic value, Token Coin. Token Planet has a decentralized virtual market. All game props, service functions, design and construction are decided by the players themselves. And the game props will also have circulation value after it’s recorded in the blockchain.

5. EOSBet (Gambling)

  • Weekly Active Users: 4,100
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $3.6M

EOSBet is a first-of-kind, player-centric gambling platform built on the EOS.IO blockchain architecture. It is fully decentralized, maximally scalable, provably-fair, and offers the hottest casino games with low house edges and zero fees. EOSBet was the first on-chain gambling casino to receive gambling license from Curacao’s Ministry of Justice. It is currently offering Crash and Dice games, and its Baccarat is in its final stages of development. They are working full-force in respect to adding BTC & ETH as payment methods so that other non-EOS players can pitch in.

6. KARMA (Other)

  • Weekly Active Users: 4,900
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $0

KARMA is a decentralized social network for good, that rewards users for receiving likes on their posts. KARMA is a dapp built on EOSIO.

7. Poker EOS (Gambling)

  • Weekly Active Users: 1,600
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $22.8M

Poker EOS is a decentralized poker game platform based on EOS blockchain. The rules are automatically executed by smart contracts. It is a board game that uses EOS block hash and adds timestamp to calculate the card result. Players can play every game. Customize the random number seed to verify the game results. At present, the bullfighting game is development, and the follow-up platform will be online chess games such as 100-person cattle, fried golden flowers, and Texas Hold’em.

8. BETX (Gambling)

  • Weekly Active Users: 1,400
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $869,200

BETX.FUN provides users with a community autonomous gaming platform with rich entertainment games. Players can get platform tokens and revenue rights through the game. They are determined to create the most fair and free game platform.

9. Endless Game (Gambling)

  • Weekly Active Users: 1,400
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $1M

The highest-yielding profit-sharing game (at least 40% of the daily profit) on EOS platform. Provable Fairness: Randomness generated by BM approved algorithm and user-feed random seeds.

10. EOSlots (Gambling)

  • Weekly Active Users: 1,100
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $4,900

EOSlots is an innovative gaming platform on the EOS blockchain. EOSlots offers a fee-less and trust-less gaming environment. EOSlots allows users to place bets in EOS at zero cost and have absolute certainty all the games are fair.

11. FarmEOS (Gambling)

  • Weekly Active Users: 1,100
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $418,800

FarmEOS is a blockchain game platform in which players are shareholders. The platform provides an efficient and fast game experience based on the EOS blockchain, and uses the Bancor algorithm for game mining. To encourage more players to participate in FarmEOS, each bet of an EOS will receive a certain amount of FARM tokens, and according to the amount of betting and the price of the FARM, players can obtain a certain amount of dividend weight, gain platform revenue, and become platform shareholders.

12. Game Sky (Gambling)

  • Weekly Active Users: 1,100
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $120,700

GameSky is a game platform based on the EOS mainnet. The fairness of all games in the platform is verifiable, the team will open source the game algorithm and support real-time online fairness verification. At the same time, we will use the strategy “gaming is mining” to distribute the platform token SKY to players. Players will become the platform shareholder and share dividends by holding the SKY token.

13. Dice (Gambling)

  • Weekly Active Users: 2,700
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $4.6M

Dice is the largest social gaming platform on EOS blockchain. Users can earn DICE tokens from playing, and then get dividends from staking. Both the platform and the token are based on user-centered design, which giving our users the best gaming experience.

14. DTH (Decentralized-Texas-Hold’em) (Gambling)

  • Weekly Active Users: 1,000
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $57,400

DTH (Decentralized Texas Hold’em) is the world’s first next-generation Texas Hold’em Platform based on EOS.IO. There is no centralized control, no commission deduction, and no co-op shuffling in the card-dealing process, while cryptographic fragments are introduced in the card-decryption process and the whole process can be verified and backtracked.

15. (Games)

  • Weekly Active Users: 1,000
  • Weekly Transaction Volume: $860

The First Guinea Pig Racing Game on EOS Blockchain! There are 8 lovely guinea pigs in the game each of which has a special name originated from the crypto culture. Every 3 minutes the guinea pigs enter into a race and the result is revealed immediately. Make your choice and win EOS! 80% of the revenue from the game will be distributed proportionally to RUN token holders every 24 hours. The tokens can be traded on major DEXes.

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