Get Paid to Test Websites and Apps with User Testing

If you're looking for a way to make some extra money, testing websites and apps is one option. Here's a look at how this works with User Testing. #sidehustle #extraincome

Want to earn a little
extra money in your spare time?
User Testing is looking for people to test
websites and apps and offer their feedback.

If you’re frustrated with how websites and apps work, or don’t work, you can now be part of
the solution and get paid for it!

How Do I Work with User Testing?

To get started, you’ll need to complete a sample test. You
can do that by visiting the User Testing website, entering your email address,
and clicking “sign me up.” You’ll be sent a sample test and provide some basic
information. If you pass the sample test, you’ll immediately be able to start
accepting jobs.

Jobs are posted based on the demographic information you
provide and the companies looking for testers within your demographic. Once
accepting, you’ll start receiving emails notifying you of testing
opportunities. New tests are posted daily.

There are a few different types of testing that you can do
to get paid:

Website and App
– each test consists of a 20-minute recording and answers to 4
follow-up written questions. This type of testing pays $10 for each completed
20-minute test.

Live Conversation
– this is a live video conference call with the website or app
company at a scheduled date and time. You will go through the website or app in
real-time with the company watching how you manage the site and asking you to
perform website or app tasks. The Live Conversation testing pays $60 per
completed online video conversation.

It’s important to note that, while customers very rarely ask
for a refund, on the occasion that they are not satisfied with your test and
request a refund, you will not be paid for that test.

How Do I Get Paid?

Payment for testing is through PayPal. There are no other
payment options so you will need to have a verified PayPal account. Payment is
made directly to your PayPal account seven days after a test is completed and
payments are sent daily. If you completed tests 3 days in a row, you will
receive payment 3 days in a row starting 7 days after your first test is

Please note that taxes are not withheld from payments so you
will be responsible for your own taxes.

If you’d like to get started testing websites and apps and
getting paid, visit User Testing and
sign up today!

Are There Other Fun Ways to Earn Extra Money?

Yes! If you’re looking for other ways to earn a little extra
money there are a ton of opportunities – it all depends on what you enjoy doing.

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