Bytecoin Releases Its Brand New Roadmap After a Flurry of Developments

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BCN Roadmap 2019

After its latest platform software update dubbed Amethyst Version 3.4.1, Bytecoin has released its brand-new roadmap, detailing its trajectory of releases and expected platform growth in the near future.

The newly updated roadmap shows users where Bytecoin, one of the oldest cryptos in the market, is headed.

Amethyst 3.4.1 & Hardware Wallet Support

The roadmap begins with the launch of Amethyst Version 3.4.1 which improves the interaction between the memory pool and platform software.

It removes lag times and decreases computational load for Bytecoin miners meaning more transactions can be mined.

On April 4th, there will be official pull requests to the software repositories of Trezor and Ledger- two popular hardware wallets.

Developers at Bytecoin are working to amend the hardware wallet code that adds support for Bytecoin on both wallets. Once Trezor and Ledger approve the requests, Bytecoin will officially be supported on the two wallets.

The Mainnet Hard Fork Is Imminent

Though Bytecoin has not given a definite date for its mainnet hard fork, it is expected to occur after the coin is supported by the two hardware wallets. The non-contentious hard fork is aiming to refine the Bytecoin platform instead of divide it.

As soon as 90% of the blocks on the 720-block frame are submitted via the new version of Amethyst, the blockchain switch height will be triggered and the hard fork initiated.

The Bytecoin desktop app will also get an update this summer and the Bytecoin Gateway Project is expected to make a debut. The gateway project will help to expand the Bytecoin community.

Bytecoin 3.6.0 will also be released later in the year and will introduce messaging functionality to the platform. The project will also witness the debut of ‘Hidden Amounts’ on the platform this year, which is a means of masking the amount of funds sent in a transaction.

Commenting on the new roadmap, Bytecoin CMO Jenny Goldberg said:

“We are pleased to share what we are working on with the community and the industry at large. We think that the events outlined in the roadmap are developments that will result in positive growth for our platform. As always, we are striving to provide our community with a dynamic and necessary product. To do this, it is of utmost importance to continuously evolve but to do so without abandoning the principles that have been our cynosure from the beginning. This is reflected in the roadmap.”

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