New Feature on Mycryptopedia: MyNews

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At Mycryptopedia, our vision is to build a cryptocurrency ecosystem that is based on thought-provoking and intellectually challenging content. There is currently a pain-point that exists in the space, which sees intellectually satisfying content go largely ignored by the community. “MyNews”, a new feature on the Mycryptopedia website, is our way of tackling this issue.

Quite simply, MyNews is a social community that is focused on curating a list of intellectually stimulating content. You can visit MyNews here: MyNews.

Our goal with MyNews is to cultivate a community that values and distributes the high-quality content being produced in the space. Our community can be found in the MyNews telegram group, where we discuss content and make submissions for new content to be included on the list.

We would love to hear what you think about MyNews, so please let us know at:

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