Tron Weekly Report: Wallets, Smart Contracts, and New Years Celebrations

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Chinese new year lanterns in china town. - Image

The Tron Foundation released its weekly report yesterday for the week ending February 9.

The international version of the report is available in 14 languages on the Foundation’s blog.

This week, the Foundation completed some work on smart contracts and the Tron wallet.

The Foundation also highlighted many other developments that occurred during the week.

Technical Work During the Week

The Tron Foundation successfully completed work on implementing the TVM independent jar package.

It also added two new interfaces to the wallet- easyTransferAsset and easyTransferAssetByPrivate.

Regarding work in progress for ‘Architecture,’ the report states the “design delayed the transaction technical solution.”

The Tron team also worked on developing the test case for the TVM independent jar package.

Global and Developer Community Updates

Tron circulated the officially made H5 during the week and sent their Chinese New Year greetings to developers who could not go home to celebrate the festival.

They also encouraged the global community members to share their reunion photos and anecdotes with them in a newly launched activity. The Foundation will select 20 people and send New Year gift packages.

The Foundation also announced that they are discontinuing the ERC20 wallet consulting service.

The Tron official website will also disable withdrawal services from the ERC20 wallet.

Users who want to migrate to the mainnet tokens will have to visit exchanges like Binance,, and Kucoin to convert their ERC20 tokens.

It also added V to the Facebook platform and stated that the popularity of Tron in foreign countries is growing rapidly.

The English version and IOS localized languages for BYB were translated during the week.

The wallet is expected to be fully tested by Feb 13 for App version 1.5. The v 2.0 design is also expected to be reviewed and fully tested by Feb 11.

The Atlas Exchange has designed loading test standards and loading test features.

The report also provided details of prominent media publications and their coverage of Tron during the week.

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