#LNTrustChain Lightning Torch Now in the Hands of Justin Sun, Will Kobe Bryant Take It Next?

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The Lightning Network Trust Chain has become the newest internet phenomenon which is helping to create a fresh buzz in the cryptocurrency world.

The #LNTrustChain is a unique phenomenon which involves users from around the world ceremoniously “passing the torch” to the next person through Lightning payments on the peer-to-peer network.

What Is #LNTrustChain?

The #LNTrustChain is a Twitter-based hashtag that has gone viral in the crypto world.

The idea behind the chain is simple. Users around the world use a peer-to-peer network to send payments to each other using the Lightning Network.

Each time a user passes ‘the torch’, they add 10,000 satoshis to the original amount.

Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin, representing one hundred millionths of one BTC which is eight places after the decimal point (0.00000001).

Recently, TheCryptoconomy passed the torch to TravelbyBit, an Australia-based crypto payments company.

The value of the payment was (3,210,000 satoshis).

The company quickly sent the torch to Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

The Moves Since CZ

CZ accepted the responsibility, adding on Twitter:

“Accepted, hang on tight.”

The cryptocurrency exchange founder wanted to know who he should send it to next.

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite) stated that he was prepared to take the torch if no one wants it.

However, CZ Binance, comically stated that he wanted to “harass” Elon Musk a bit first.

This would have undoubtedly brought a lot of attention to the crypto world if CZ Binance was able to pass the torch to Elon Musk.

However, he later went on to pass the torch to Viktor Radchenko, the founder of Trust Wallet app.

He then called on Zooko Wilcox, the founder, and CEO of privacy coin Zcash to take the torch next.

However, Viktor ended up passing the torch on to Justin Sun, who currently still holds it now.

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey was also a part of this experiment.

Other prominent people who held the torch include Elizabeth Stark, Anthony Pompliano, Andreas Antonopoulos.

By the time, the torch reached TravelbyBit, it had already had 180 unique participants from over 43 countries, across six continents.

It also went around the geosynchronous orbit with the Blockstream Satellite.

The Lightning Network is a Layer 2 payments protocol working on the Bitcoin core blockchain which helps to make transactions faster and cheaper while improving the stability of the network.

It is unclear still who Justin Sun will pass the torch on to, however, CZ Binance did suggest Kobe Bryant.

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