The Secrets to Mastering Goal Setting According to Tony Robbins

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Tony Robbins emphasizes simplicity when it comes to effectively setting goals for himself and for others. In his understanding, goals are fundamental to life direction and by setting them in the right way we’re able to grasp control of our futures and grow how we want to. He identifies most of the problems people face in setting goals are setting too many, not taking goals seriously enough and setting the wrong kind of goals. His solution to all of these issues is clear and simple.

Here are a few of his thoughts on how to take control by effectively setting goals for yourself:

1. Identify What You Want

It may seem obvious but one of the biggest issues for people when they set out trying to find the key to success, is knowing what they want in the first place. Defining your goals, or your “Dreams with a deadline” as Robbins puts it, is absolutely crucial to figuring out how to begin to go about creating the future you want for yourself.

A good way to get started on figuring out what you want is to write down your ideas. Somewhere along that process your brain is able to pick out the goals which are most achievable and most desirable. By establishing what you want, you can set out to make that a reality with clarity and discipline.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

2. Justify Your Goals

Understanding the origin of your goals, once you have identified them, is important in sticking to the task of making your goals a reality. Sometimes you might think you want something in the heat of the moment, but on further reflection, you realize that you were simply drawn to an idea on a temporary basis.

Justifying your goals can be a good moment to discuss what you want to do with others in your life; a spouse, a parent, a coach, whoever it might be. This isn’t to say that they should be able to decide whether you follow through or not, that is up to you. But it adds some outside perspective to an otherwise very personal process.

3. Be Specific

Specific goals are far more likely to get completed, so says Robbins. It’s one thing to say something like ‘I want to lose some weight’ or ‘I want to learn how to sing’. But to translate those generalized desires into action requires something more specific as your goal. You could say instead that you want to lose 25 pounds or that you want to join a competitive choir. These specific goals keep you motivated when the going gets tough and make it easier to remind yourself what you’re aiming to achieve.

4. Understand Your Own Potential

This is quite simple. You’ve got to know what is reasonably achievable and what isn’t. People are susceptible both to setting goals that are far too lofty and goals which are far too easy to achieve. Use past experiences, the opinions of others and your own sense of self-awareness to set goals which are a real challenge but not ones that will leave you feeling defeated and a failure.

5. Don’t Stop When You Reach Your First Goal

Following on from the point above, if you succeed at reaching your first goal it’s extremely important that you are able to capitalize on that success to continue with shaping your future. In all likelihood, the boost you receive when you achieve a goal will inspire you to go further and further, shaping your future with even more certainty. Don’t stop when you tick your first box, push harder and achieve more. If you can meet one target, why not meet more? See each goal as a single stepping stone in the path towards an overall sense of life success.

“The most important thing you can do to achieve your goals is to make sure that as soon as you set them, you immediately begin to create momentum.” – Tony Robbins

6. Don’t Worry If You Fail

With so much advice geared towards succeeding and success, it seems strange to end on this note, but it’s important to recognize that if failing at achieving a goal was a waste of time then you’ve either got the wrong perspective or the wrong goals. It’s crucial that when you are looking to yourself to establish what you want, that you choose goals the process of achieving which will push you and help you to grow regardless of what you achieve. It’s all about learning and moving forward.

Tony Robbins’ advice is strict and straightforward. Have clear, well thought out goals, take something out of the process of chasing your dreams and, if you fail, get up, brush yourself off and refocus yourself on your next step towards achieving what you want to achieve.

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