7 Ways to Love Your Customers

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love your customersFebruary is the Love month, but not just for couples. All power rests within the hands of your customers. They can choose your brand or go with your competitor. Use this month to show your customers how much you appreciate them. It’s something you need to do not just around Valentine’s Day, but all year round. Talk with your team about what makes a great customer experience. Determine how you ideally want your customers to feel when they interact with your brand. Then focus your efforts on delivering your intended experience. Use this to consider where you’re doing a good job and use these suggestions to tighten things up to show you love your customers.

7 Ways to Love Your Customers

Focus on Your Customer Experience

When is the last time you did a friction check on your buyer experience? What are your customer service procedures? How fast do you return calls? How is your online check-out process? Do you accept digital payments? Do you offer free shipping? What is your return policy? Is the return policy easy to find on your receipts or website? Who follows up after the sale to make sure the client was pleased?

Send a Handwritten Note

You’d be surprised what a little personal thanks can do to strengthen your relationship with your customers. Now, of course, if you have thousands of customers, this one-on-one interaction might not be possible, but it’s ideal if you’re a consultant or if you see your customers on a regular basis, such as in a retail store or tutoring center.  Your message shouldn’t have any sales pitch behind it; you simply want to tell your customers how much you appreciate them. You can do that a few different ways:

  • Include a handwritten note with each order
  • Send a handwritten note and include a helpful book or article
  • Send a note for no reason, just to keep in touch

Offer Incentive to Come Back

One strategy for building customer loyalty and demonstrate you love your customers is to create irresistible offers for your past clients. That could be anything from 30 percent off of their next purchase to a free coffee the next time they buy a cookie from you. If you want to take your loyalty efforts beyond just sending a blanket email to anyone who’s bought from you with a coupon code, use customer loyalty software company like, Yotpo which helps eCommerce brands collect customer reviews, photos, and Q&A from a single platform to boost loyalty and increase traffic, social proof, and sales.

Share Some Love

Decorate your storefront for Valentine’s Day. Hand out free heart-shaped lollipops or mail Valentine’s cards to your clients. You can even treat it like the Christmas holidays and send your best customers fruit, chocolates or candy.  It may seem silly, but who wouldn’t a like a little nominal surprise chocolate in the mail? It takes the focus off selling and instead makes it about giving love, which will make them want to come back and do business with you.

Have a Valentine’s Sale

One way to show you love your customers this time of year is to create special Valentine’s Day sale offers and develop a special email campaign to announce the promotion to your client list.  You can offer a once-a-year discount or create special Valentine’s Day products to sell. You can always bundle popular items together for one great price. Any business can put something on sale in February, not just perfume, jewelry, lingerie stores!

Ask Your Customers What They Want

Give your customers your attention this Valentines Day. How can you better deliver to your clients? Simple: ask them what they need. Send your customers a brief survey (or give it to them in the store) to find out what is their favorite app? What is their favorite social media platform? What products do they like? What might be keeping them from buying from you? How do they feel about your prices? Are there other items or services they’d like you to carry or offer? Once you’ve conducted your research, you can show that you love your customers by implementing a few of the suggestions as quickly as you can.

Love Your Customers in Person with a Hug

Repeat business is all about having an ongoing relationship with each of your clients. But when’s the last time you actually spent face-time with them? Get on their calendar to check in. Start booking Zoom meetings, coffee or lunch dates with your clients to work on just building your relationship and discovering their “care abouts.” You need to learn what is keeping them up at night. You’ll be surprised what you might find that can help you position your business for an upsell.

If you implement just a few ideas from this list, you will show that you love your customers, and in return, your clients will be there for you, just like you need them to be so you can grow your business.

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