Work from Home Customer Service with Alorica at Home

Alorica at Home hires flexible work from home customer service positions. Find out basic job duties, technical requirements, pay and more. Alorica at Home is a call center providing sales, technical support, and customer service to a variety of customers. As of right now they offer both full and part time positions.

One of the better things about this company is that they claim to offer flexible schedules, allowing you to work when it’s convenient for you. This type of position could work well whether you’re needing a full-time job or need a part time job to work around school or another obligation.

Alorica at Home is rated a 3/5 on most job sites with mixed reviews. Some people love working with them while others had various complaints. (Which is pretty average for most employers.)

Basic Job Duties for Alorica at Home

Since Alorica is a call center basic duties include answering customer questions, obtaining/entering/verifying customer data, explaining sales features and more. The specifics will depend upon the job you’re hired for.

Alorica does provide paid training but they do require you to pay $31.95 for a background check which is non-refundable.

Technical Requirements for Working with Alorica at Home

You will need to invest in some equipment if you don’t already have it in order to complete your work:

  • A dedicated landline that is corded and feature free.
  • An internet connection using DSL, cable or fiber optics. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not accepted for stability and security reasons.
  • And a computer with the following requirements:
    • PC Compatible (no Macs)
    • Processor Speed: 1GHz or better on multi-core processors. 1.4 GHz on single-core processors.
    • Memory: 1 GB of RAM Memory or more
    • Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
    • Browser: Internet Explorer 10 or higher
    • Monitor: 17 inches or greater
    • Minimum Graphic Resolution: 1024 x 768
    • Sound card with speakers or headset for training audio. During call processing, you will need a headset that is attached to your phone.

In addition to these technical requirements, you will also need a completely quiet, distraction-free work area, preferably one that has a door that can be closed. Your shifts will be several hours at a time so keep the space comfortable with an ergonomic chair and plenty of desk space.

How Much Does Alorica at Home Pay?

Schedules are based on a per minute, per call, or guaranteed hourly rate, but it works out to be $9/hour or minimum wage, whichever is higher. Employees are paid bi-weekly through direct deposit or Pay Card, your choice.

Alorica at Home also offers medical and dental benefit options that you can take advantage of.

Applying for a Position

The application process can be time consuming. Filling out the application online takes about 45 minutes. Once you’ve completed this, you will need to take a job fit assessment and rank your job preferences. These will help to determine if you’re a better fit for a sales, technical, or customer service position.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you will then be directed to the behavioral assessment to determine your sales, integrity, cognitive, and customer service abilities. Finally, there is one additional screening related to sales, customer service, financial and/or technical concepts. Yu won’t be asked to complete this until you’ve passed the first three processes.

Once all of these things are completed and you are deemed to be a good fit for the company, you’ll receive an offer of employment to review and accept. Then, you’ll be ready to get to work!

To apply, visit Alorica at Home online to start the application process.

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Alorica at Home hires flexible work from home customer service positions. Find out basic job duties, technical requirements, pay and more. #workfromhome #sidehustle #legitworkfromhomejobs


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