Bitnovo Will Now Support Litecoin on Its Debit Card

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Bitnovo-operated BitCard, a cryptocurrency debit card, has launched support for Litecoin. The news was announced by Litecoin on its Medium blog. There has been some debate within the crypto community as to whether Litecoin has longevity as a project, especially after founder Charlie Lee sold all his stake in the coin.

How Will BitCard Help in Litecoin Adoption?

BitCard allows users to conveniently use their crypto deposits to make real-world payments at traditional establishments. Cryptocurrencies are instantly converted into euros, which can be used at any merchant stores, without needing the services of a bank.

BitCard is one among the many crypto debit cards that are adding support for LTC. However, as noted by Litecoin, unlike other cards, BitCard is not linked to a wallet. Coins are liquidated as per need to cover all the payments. It works like a “top up, pay as you go.” The coins are sold to Bitnovo, which directly credits users’ BitCard account and helps them cover payments. Because of this, crypto payments become very easy as they involve less KYC and other paperwork systems. The user does not need to have a bank account to connect with BitCard.

Clover POS Adds Support for Litecoin

About a week ago, Litecoin announced that Clover POS will now process LTC payments with over 1 million merchants. The POS solution will offer indirect Litecoin support to users across devices. It is not a typical payment solution because instead of letting users download an app and spend their holdings, the POS is connected to a Litecoin wallet like LoafWallet. Customers get printed receipts and invoices. They can also receive the same via text messages or emails.

Clover has reportedly shipped 750,000 units in February 2018, marking a 44-percent increase from last year. By Sept. 17 this year, Clover announced the shipment of its 1 millionth device.

Litecoin further suggests that the next step in integrating with Clover will be publishing a dedicated app for the Clover App Store that would enable an SPV wallet to be built into the terminals.

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