How to Leverage YouTube To Promote Your Business

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When someone mentions social media as a marketing tool, most people think of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But newsflash, YouTube is the second most searched site online. Video converts better than any other type of content right now and it’s cheaper to produce than every before so as a small business—YouTube could be a game changer for your business. Posting videos on YouTube is a great way to boost visibility for your brand and highlight your expertise.

  • Teach Your Audience.“How to” videos are the #1 searched content on YouTube. Posting short videos on YouTube allows you to demonstrate your expertise. You’ll appear like an expert which will increase credibility and build your business brand. People will find your videos because you provide a solution to their problem.
  • Better Google Search Results. Google owns YouTube, so Google favors YouTube in search engine results. Google recognized keyword searches for videos just like in regular blog content. With a search “how to tie a bow tie”, Google will search videos related to that search term as well as written articles. It’s a great way to increase your Google rankings.
  • Try Vlogging. If writing blog content is not for you, try vlogging, or posting videos as your blog posts. Now there’s still some writing involved as you need to give a brief description or bullet list the main points discussed in the video. But if you publish consistent YouTube videos, you can build a following and potentially become an influencer in your industry. Also if you are a blogger and you want to switch things up from time to time posting a video is a great way to do it.
  • SEO optimization. If you are trying to boost your SEO, know that Google favors websites with multimedia content. Also tagging your YouTube videos with the keywords can increase your Google rankings. Having videos on your website tells Google that you offer content in a formats with is a big plug when you are trying to increase your organic search results.
  • Video Emails If you publish a weekly newsletter, you should consider adding a YouTube videos in place of an article.  It’s a great way to switch things up in your email marketing. Emails with videos have a higher open rate that static content.

If you want to capitalize using YouTube Video here are 7 suggestions to promote your video content once your start publishing to YouTube.

  1. Publish Content Regularly

The most popular YouTube channels are those that have consistently updated content. If you want to use video as a marketing tool, you need to have a publishing schedule of content.

  1. Ideas for Content

Repurpose FB Live Videos. Cut down webinars and post them as a series of videos. Create explainer videos, or create short tutorials that are 2 minutes or less. Consider creating a CEO profile video with 20 interesting facts about you. You can interview your team, post customer testimonials.

  1. Write a Great Description

Your video descriptions should be short, informative, and include lots of keywords. Describe your video in a sentence or two and include a link to your small business website for people who want to learn more.

  1. Titles Are REALLY Important

Titles are weighed heavily in YouTube searches so don’t give your videos a non-descriptive titles. People search YouTube with keywords and phrases that describe what they’re looking for. Try titles that are obvious like, “How to write a business plan.”

  1. Choose the Right Category and Tags

When you upload videos to YouTube, there are 15 categories to choose from, and you can add dozens of relevant tags. It’s a good idea to use the tags that YouTube suggests, since they know what people commonly search for. You can also manually add extra tags I’m a big fan of use pleural and singular words for example, dog, doggy, dogs, puppy, puppies, older dogs

  1. Include Calls to Actions

Make sure your calls to action are included in the video itself. Possible CTAs can include contacting you for more information, subscribing to your YouTube channel, sharing your video, and always invite people to leave comments at some point during your video. Likes and shares are nice, but comments are gold. Be sure to monitor and respond to all feedback, and try to personalize any responses.

  1. Use Annotations and Subtitles

Using annotations can be helpful for those who will see your video and not be able to hear it. This is really good if you want to share the video on Facebook as well.  You can go too far with it though, resist adding annotative pop-ups to your videos. However, enabling subtitles on your YouTube videos is fairly straightforward—just turn on auto-captioning and edit the output for accuracy. Hearing-impaired visitors will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Anyone else can easily turn it off.

YouTube is a great marketing channel, but you shouldn’t start something that you can’t keep up. I would record at least 20 videos in advance to build up an archive of content before launching your channel. Repurpose video content for mobile too, those videos should be longer than :10-:15 seconds. Video is great, turn your phone vertically, hit the record button and get started.

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