New York University to Offer First-Ever Blockchain Major in the World

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NEW YORK - JULY 16 An NYU building in New York, NY on July 16, 2017. New York University is a private nonprofit research University located in New York City. Source:

Blockchain is the new big man on campus at New York University (NYU). The educational institution announced that it would be offering a new major, fully based around the topic of blockchain. The program will be the first of its kind anywhere in the world. That being said, we do not know yet what to expect from it as far as academic value goes.

A clinical associate professor of finance at the University, though, is betting on the fact that in the very near future, major companies will be looking to hire experts in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It seems mainstream crypto adoption is moving closer to reality as more and more students are becoming interested in digital currencies and blockchain technology. According to David Yermack, a business and law professor at NYU, even former university alumni of all ages began showing up to sit in on his crypto lectures.

Did New York Just Beat the Silicon Valley to the Punch?

When we think of the new tech developments across the world, we just basically assume that most of them come from companies based in the Silicon Valley. That’s why it’s no surprise that Stanford University is one of the universities in the United States that offers the most courses on cryptocurrencies. Still, NYU has always been at the forefront of crypto education.

Professor Yermack told the New York Times that he began giving talks on Bitcoin in the early years of the decade to students. He recalled:

“There was some gentle ribbing from my colleagues when I began giving talks on Bitcoin … But within a few months, I was being invited to Basel to talk with central bankers, and the joking from my colleagues stopped after that.”

What Impact Could This Have on the Industry?

Like many of Professor Yermack’s colleagues, traditional financial experts all over the world thought Bitcoin’s success would die out quickly. But that hasn’t happened, and universities may be wise to meet the demands of students who want to learn more about the uses and legal implications that cryptocurrencies bring.

With more and more students gaining access to blockchain courses on college campuses, it could translate to more crypto-friendly professionals leading companies in the near future. The fact that a prestigious university has gone out of its way to implement a program like this is a huge win for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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