The Undeniable Urge to Code

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Very recently I realised that coding stimulates a sensation within me which is comparable to one of the best feelings in the world — love.


You may find me reading blogs and watching videos every now and then. In fact, (almost) all the time I am out there hunting knowledge in form of theory or practice. I am looking for ways to join the dots from here or there.

And you know what generates “the undeniable urge to code” within me? It happens when dots are almost about to connect. (I focus on the word ‘almost’.)

^ That ‘almost’ moment is everything!

In this moment, I am filled with a kind of energy in front of which everything else fades away.

This moment may last for a couple of minutes or even hours but never days. The reason why it doesn’t last for days is that; I haven’t come across anything that makes me stay in the ‘almost’ moment for longer than several hours. In a way, I think that is good for me because I forget about everything. I won’t remember when to eat, sleep, talk, walk. If it stretches over a span of multiple days, I’d be declared a ‘psychotic’ case. Hah.

Whenever I’m out there (in the wild) coding, every second I realise how wonderful it is to be immersed in the universe of evolving technology. This is the best time for me to be alive! (For all the non-programmer readers, you may not believe me.. but I am not lying.)

Also I feel that programming makes you attain the zenith of creativity. Ever seen two different programmers write the same code for the same problem? No, right? This proves that writing code is all about creativity. Inside of me, this creativity stems from the thrill to learn and code more.

Would two software architects create the same architecture for a software? Never! The architect has to take into account thousands of things like purpose, environment, objectives, technology, efficiency et al. As unflinchingly technical and mathematical the architectures may appear to be, they are a result of a carefully crafted process.

They all create art.

Each and every time I code, I feel those moments very often. I feel energised and liberated. I feel powerful. Maybe it’s because I am a geek.. (Maybe) But it’s also because I find happiness in everything I create.

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