Quick Update on Stuff

How’s it going guys? We live in interesting times, especially in Malaysia. We recently got a new government (kind of), and McDonald’s now sells nasi lemak. I don’t know how to feel about all this, I mean the sambal in the nasi lemak is sweet and it’s a bit pricey, but I still sorta like it. Anyway, I have been quiet for the the past few months as I had a lot on my plate with work, studying for the level 3 CFA exam, and watching YouTube videos on the Punic wars and other such world-changing battles.
However, I did not remain idle with regards to my investments. I made some moves and kept up the hustle to try and move up in this world. Since my last article, I added/sold the following positions in the Greedy Dragon portfolio:
Sold 1,000 shares in Northern Oil and Gas at USD2.60 per share
Bought 2,000 shares in Magni-Tech at RM4.63 per share (I didn’t really do any research on this, took my brother’s advice that it offers good value)
Bought 150 shares in Oasis Petroleum at USD7.65 per share
Bought 1,000 shares in Northern Oil and Gas at USD1.55 per share
Sold 250 shares in Oasis Petroleum at USD12.37 per share
Bought 500 shares in Cloud Peak Energy at USD3.15 per share
I know that the timing of my acquisition of Oasis Petroleum and Northern Oil and Gas shares seem very convenient, maybe even Bernie Madoff-esque. So, I might have to post the contract notes for those transactions sometime in the future.
Time really flies, in just a few months the Greedy Dragon portfolio would have reached its fifth year, which is the amount of time I planned to keep the portfolio running when it was first established. The next few months will determine whether my foray into the investing game will be akin Marcus Crassus’ failed conquest of Carrhae, or if it will resemble Scipio Africanus’ triumph over Carthage. Or maybe my results will simply be mediocre.
Whatever it is, I don’t think I will end the portfolio after its fifth year like I originally intended. Maybe I will start a new portfolio or something. Value investing is my fucking drug, and I like talking about my ideas with anyone willing to listen. I will be done with my CFA exam in late June. And I hope to make this blog active again. Before I sign the fuck off, I would like to thank my fellow value investing gangstas that stuck around. Y’all are good peoples. Take care and stay rational.