Not Dead Yet…

Sup y’all, just wanted to drop by to say hi and that I’m still alive. I would like to say that I stopped blogging this past 6 month because I wanted to give my full to attention to my new job. But to be real, I just wasn’t feeling it. The well of ideas went dry. Anyway, here’s a little update on my life, and what I’ve been up to with regards to the Greedy Dragon Portfolio.
So, on the 20th of March I started working at an investor relations firm. I won’t mention the name of the firm as I don’t think they want to be associated with some puta cabron that calls himself the Greedy Dragon. Overall, the job is a job. People are generally nice, so I guess I should be grateful for that. I do miss waking up whenever the fuck I want, taking my time to enjoy a meal without glancing at the time every 30 seconds, or playing video games at 3 in the morning. But I guess that’s what it means to “adult” as some mofos like to say. Can’t say I’m a fan of some of the menial stuff I got to do, but everyone got to start somewhere. I’m not that delusional to think that I would be the capo di tutti capi of the investment world day on day 1.
When it comes to my portfolio, it reached a record high early in the year when people were optimistic that Trump would be good for business. The optimism started fade as the Trump administration displayed their incompetence time and time again. And no I’m not a fucking leftist SJW, I still think Trump is a better president than Obama, but that’s setting the bar way too fucking low. I wish Margaret Thatcher could be president by communicating through a ouija board, she was really good for business (and yes, I know she is British). Anyway, since I took up my job, my stock holdings just kept sliding down like a motherfucker, and I’ve been catching some falling knives. Here are the positions I took since my last post:
Disclaimer: Please do your own research, I might not know what I’m doing. For all I know, I might be committing financial suicide.
Bought 400 shares in Cloud Peak Energy at USD4.05, sold 500 shares in Kerry Properties at HKD29.70, bought 700 shares in Northern Oil & Gas at USD2.45, sold 1k shares in Maybank at RM9.39, bought 250 shares in Oasis Petroleum at USD7.55, and bought 1200 shares in Northern Oil & Gas at USD 1.20.
I hope I will have more things to blog about in the future. Till then, I hope y’all keep on hustling for that paper. Thank you for reading. Take care and stay rational.