EdenChain (EDN) Is Now Part Of KuCoin’s Tradable Cryptocurrencies

EdenChain announces the listing of their native currency EDN to KuCoin state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange platform. Deposits are now available with supported exchange pairs such as EDN/BTC and EDN/ETH. All trading transaction like buying, selling, and withdrawal can be performed using KuCoin’s Android and iOS app, or direct to their website at www.kucoin.com.

About EdenChain (EDN)

EdenChain is a blockchain-based platform that enables all the values to be capitalized and traded. The platform operates on what is designated a Programmable Economy Platform technology and can capitalize and trade all sets of assets. They consider a world where users are authorized to operate the blockchain smart contracts to capitalize on any and every tangible and intangible asset into tokens and trade freely without the interference of any middleman.

EdenChain understands that with the application of Programmable Economy, transaction costs can be reduced, profits distributed among the community members, and a current market through the capitalization of international and domestic goods can be generated. It is aiming to be the global platform for a programmable economy. They endeavor to build an extremely secured inter-operable, high-performance blockchain with low processing charges.

The platform can be applied in a wide range of applications and businesses; to provide an ICO Platform for start-ups to launch their own ICOs across all sectors such as IoT, B2B, services, P2P Finance, shared economy, etc. It supports Solidity, currently the most popular smart contract language. As smart contracts are profoundly used for delicate services such as payment and settlement, stable and reliable smart contract programming languages are more important than programming languages that are easily inscribed by developers.

The All-in-One ICO Solution HelloEden

An all-encompassing tokenization platform is what defines HelloEden. It is an ecosystem built in conjunction with an ICO execution process for a shared infrastructure.

Through the different partnerships obtained by EdenChain for their HelloEden platform, existing companies can implement a “reverse ICO” or new businesses can launch an ICO on HelloEden’s one stop solution for all of their requirements.

These multiple partnerships would ease the process for any businesses involved in adopting blockchain technology. These initiatives could make EdenChain one of the widely adopted platforms due to the simplicity of on-boarding.

Images courtesy of KuCoin

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