Tron Foundation Launches SEEDgerminator

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Reaching a new milestone last week, the Tron Foundation launched the Sesameseed SEEDgerminator. The launch was announced on Twitter. The platform could help increase adoption of the Tron blockchain and help developers create new decentralized applications for the Tron community. The community, in turn, could decide which projects will add more value to the blockchain by investing in a particular project and earning rewards, early access or airdrops.

What Is SEEDgenerator?

Sesameseed is an organization that distributed 80 percent of the TRX rewards to its highly engaged community. People who vote get the rewards distributed fairly and transparently. SEEDgerminator, on the other hand, is an accelerator for DApp developers. It is a native technology of the Tron network that allows developers to create decentralized applications by submitting their proposals to the community. Funds are made available to these developers, depending on community votes.

The program works like a mini, crowdsourced venture capital initiative that helps in building the most popular and viable solutions for blockchain. Usually, projects that can provide community rewards via early access or airdrops win and Sesameseed invests in them thereof.

These projects usually offer exclusive rates to the seed voters, providing a host of benefits to them. These projects grow in the network in a very healthy and sustainable manner with community support.

Tron Fulfills Promises

Tron announced the SEEDgerminator on June 21st, but it was released only last week. Sesameseed discussed the value of the program in a Medium post, calling it:

“A sustainable and effective investment strategy, driven by the Tron community to fast track projects that will utilize the Tron network.”

It also said that developers get several benefits from the program including:

“Access to the Sesameseed developer fund and a platform to campaign projects to the Tron community that will utilize them. Approved projects may propose to seek additional community investment in the form of SEED tokens, directly from Sesameseed members.”

Members will get a chance to vote once a month to utilize the developer fund. The funded projects will engage with the community via airdrops or early access programs. If the community members find the project interesting, they could continue to invest in it using their SEED tokens.

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