Framework-agnostic real-time CRUD libraries with Vue sample app

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Three years ago, I released an open source boilerplate application as a proof of concept to demonstrate an approach to build real-time CRUD applications using RethinkDB, SocketCluster and Google’s Polymer framework. Although it received a lot of attention initially, that approach did not see any serious adoption and so I stopped thinking about it for a while.

Recently, though, I’ve been feeling frustrated by the direction of progress in front end development and so I decided to give this idea another shot. Polymer has always been a relatively niche framework; maybe those libraries just needed broader framework support? I rewrote the Polymer components in a framework-agnostic way and ported the entire sc-sample-inventory app to Vue.

The new SCModel and SCCollection modules can now work with any front end framework including Vue, Polymer, React and Angular.

Please check out — Feedback is welcome.

Also, if you want more background info about this work, please check out my previous articles on the subject:

  • REST over WebSockets instead of HTTP
  • An approach to real-time CRUD

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