July and August 2018 Blog Income Reports

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Believe it or not, I started this blog back in 2010, which means I’ve kept this thing going for over 8 years now! Sheesh! That’s crazy! You might think that by now I’ve covered everything that can possibly be written about in the area of personal finance, but as I continue to learn and grow – both in my exploration of finance and my journey through life (marriage, divorce, marriage, and now kids!) – I realize that I have really just scratched the surface of what personal finance is all about.

I blog for three reasons:

  1. I love to help others – You know what’s really fun? When someone sends you an email saying, “You totally changed my life! Thank you so much for your blog and your free tools. I wouldn’t be where I am today if you didn’t do what you do.” This really never gets old. Helping people is a blast.
  2. Keeps me learning and growing – Personal finance is important and I want to be prepared for everything that might come my way financially. By having this blog, I’m continually pushed to learn and grow and become more of an expert than I was yesterday. This growth helps my readers, but it also helps me too!
  3. It makes me money – This is the really fun part. I have a blast writing stories for my readers, and then I also get money for doing it! And I’m not talking about a few hundreds bucks here and there. This is thousands of dollars every single month! Blogging would be enough even if it were for just the first two reasons, but making money with it is an additional tier on an already-delicious cake!

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Imagine, you could make a difference in someone else’s life, it’d be a great way for you to learn more about your topic of interest, and you could even make some money doing it!! So what’s it going to cost you to set up your blog? $100? $200? More?

Nope. Waaayyyy less.

Here’s the Total Cost of Your New Blog:

  • Sign up for one year of hosting via iPage = $24
  • Get a website domain name = FREE with the iPage sign-up
  • Helpful step-by-step tutorial to sign up = FREE
  • Total cost for one full year = $24

Annnnnd here’s some additional resources that will help you along the way. Let’s get started! Oh, and if you have any questions or run into any problems, contact me directly at derek[at] lifeandmyfinances  (dot) com. 🙂 Seriously, like I mentioned before, I love to help!

Web Hosting from iPage

July and August 2018 Blog Income Report

This post contains affiliate links.

Alright, alright, that’s enough of me selling you on how awesome it is to own and operate a blog (P.S. it’s more awesome than you think! Sorry…I guess I just can’t contain my enthusiasm. ;)). It’s time to dig into the numbers.

July 2018

  • Mediavine ads = $628.18
  • Direct ads = $500
  • Total = $1,128.18

August 2018

  • Mediavine ads = $792.73
  • Direct ads = $800
  • BillCutterz partnership = $16.43
  • iPage partnership = $210
  • Total = $1,819.16

july and august blog income report

July and August 2018 Blog Income Report Summary

First of all, it’s amazing to be a partner with Mediavine (an ad management company). When my traffic goes up, my earnings go up – simple as that. Partnering with them allows me to think less about marketing and more about just writing knock-out posts that will draw visitors today and for years to come. If you have over 25,000 sessions on your blog each month, reach out to them and partner up. You’ll be glad you did.

Second, I’m definitely not down in the dumps about making $3,000 over the past two months, but I feel like I could do a lot better. What’s my issue? Time.

  • I work full-time as a financial analyst,
  • I’m married with two kids young kids,
  • I try to squeeze in regular exercise every day, and
  • I desperately try to give this blog my all…but given the above list, it’s obviously not the most important thing.

So how do I get more time? Either I:

  • Cut back on full-time work (not going to happen since my wife is a stay-at-home mom)
  • Ignore my family more (no thanks)
  • Stop exercising (that’s the common solution in America, and I’m not willing to do this. I’ve always been healthy and I’m going to stay healthy!)
  • Hire in some help

As you may have guessed, I’m doing the latter. For the past few years, I’ve been paying staff writers and I’ll continue to do this to keep the regular cadence of articles coming your way. But what I’m doing in addition to this – and what I should have done years ago – is paying a virtual assistant…someone to help me with emails, direct advertisement placement, and marketing.

The goal is for me to focus on publishing amazing content only – and maybe just a little bit of marketing here and there. I’ll spend less time with the time-consuming upkeep and more time putting my effort toward the stuff that you, the readers, are hungry for! Stay tuned for how this all works out. Who knows? This might be the first step to a much more robust and popular blog that makes even more money than before!

What do you think of the July and August 2018 blog income reports? Do they inspire you to start your own blog?

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