Binance Announces TRX Trading Competition, 1,000,000 TRX Coin Giveaway

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One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet, Binance, has recently announced a TRX trading competition. The competition’s total prize would be 1,000,000 TRX coins, which will be distributed to the winners worldwide. It will run from Sept. 6 0:00 AM to Sept. 13 0:00 AM (UTC). The participants first have to complete level 2 identity verification with the exchange. Also, they need to create a total trading volume of at least 300,000 TRX (including both buys and sells) during the competition’s duration.

Additional Details of the Competition

The competition’s prize will be “evenly split between all qualifying traders whose rank number ends in a 6,” per Binance. The rewards will be issued within two weeks of competition and will be announced in the last week of September.

The exchange also announced that using BNB tokens to pay trading fees will provide users a 25% discount. It has also clarified that wash trades will not be considered eligible for the competition.

TRX Community Has More Good News

While traders on Binance can rejoice over the one million Tron giveaway, nothing beats the Tron mainnet bug bounty program. A few weeks back, the company announced that the bug hunters will be getting a top reward of $100k for finding security issues on the blockchain. Soon after, the Tron Foundation upped the ante by increasing the top prize to a whopping $10 million.

On Aug. 27, the company announced yet another bounty hunt. This time, it planned to give away 6,666 TRX coins to anyone who solved a private key puzzle. It also announced an event on Aug. 31, where 58,888 TRX coins were up for grabs.

On Aug. 30, Tron and Coindeal held “Game of TRON,” in which 100,000 TRX coins were to be given away to the winner. The second place winner could get 50,000 TRX, while the third place winner could get 30,000 TRX.

A lot is going on for Tron as far as development and marketing are concerned. Since Independence Day, the Tron Foundation has successfully launched the Tron mainnet, completed the Super Representative election, launched the official version of the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) and more.

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