Texas Brings the Heat as an Alternative to Mining in Cold Climates

Texas Brings the Heat as an Alternative to Mining in Cold Climates

Cryptocurrency mining is both power and heat intensive. In the case of the latter, miners have been known to flock to countries like Iceland, as well as cities like New York. Texas based blockchain-based platform, TMGcore, is showing that this doesn’t have to be the case.

According to Dallas News, the company uses custom-built mining rigs and a tested patented cooling method to ensure that their mining operations are not location-dependent. In fact, the company will soon be moving to a 150,000-square-foot data center in the city of Plano, Texas to set up shop.

Keeping it Cool

TMGcore will be using a two-phase liquid immersion cooling process to combat the high level of heat produced by mining. As the term suggests, the equipment will be immersed in a cooling liquid that will absorb heat, convert it into gas, and then eventually liquid.

The company’s CEO, J.D. Enright, explained the impact that this system could have:

It eliminates 100 percent of the need to be in a geographic location conducive to air-cooled mining, and we’ve eliminated 90 percent of the cost associated with removing the heat in air-cooled mining.

One of TMGcore’s investors, Pinchal & Co, bought the data center in Plano for a cool $60 million.

According to Dallas News, the company uses custom-built mining rigs and a tested patented cooling method to ensure that their mining operations are not location-dependent. In fact, the company will soon be moving to a 150,000-square-foot data center in the city of Plano, Texas to set up shop.

The Price of Competition

Bitcoin mining is arguably synonymous with Bitmain. The billion-dollar company may be a leader in the mining sector but it is also a contradiction in the industry as it is essentially a centralized entity playing a big part in a decentralized system. TMGcore hopes to change this.

Chris Herrmann, who helped broker the Plano deal, gave his point of view:

They’re interested in this market because power costs are low enough to make their model work. When you look at their costs, the major variable is the cost of power. And with power prices being at historic lows in Dallas, we now have one of the few markets where the crypto guys can make it work.

The cost of industrial power in Texas is more than $1 cheaper than the national average and is currently sitting at just under $56 per megawatt hour.

Texas has a way to go

Skybox Data Centers, responsible for building the Plano center have plans to build another facility in 2019, showing the growing pull that mining and blockchain are exacting on the Texan market. However, this most likely just the first step on a long road.

Curt Holcomb, a data center solution co-lead for JLL, explained:

What we’re seeing here is a lot of interest from companies who are doing Bitcoin mining, we’re seeing a lot of inquiries into the market, but we haven’t seen a whole lot of deals get done. The most prevalent interest we have is from Bitcoin miners, and that segment is one that’s not very well-funded.

Touching on blockchain specifically, Holcomb added:

We’re still in the early stages. A lot of the data center operators are looking at it, but until the profile of the users improves, we’re not gonna [sic] see that many deals.

Do you think that Texas could be the next crypto mining hub? Let us know in the comments below!

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Novogratz’s Crypto Bank Will Start Trading on August 1

Novogratz: Bitcoin’s Rising Price May Attract Government Regulation

Galaxy Digital LP, Mike Novogratz’s cryptocurrency-focused merchant “bank”, is just two days away from starting operations.

Mr. Novogratz’s new project will operate on the TSX Venture Exchange, a Toronto-based platform on which he expressed the utmost confidence.

While it is difficult to operate in the United States, the reality is not very different in Canada. The former member of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. comments how “frustrated” he was by the constant demands and bureaucratic processes imposed on him by the regulatory bodies.

It was precisely because of this thorough scrutiny, that the release of the platform was postponed for several months. An obstacle that evidently had an impact on investors’ future expectations.

In statements quoted by Bloomberg, Novogratz commented that although he does not regret his decision to go public, he probably would have been better off waiting a bit:

“If I knew what I know now, knew the crypto markets were going to swoon as much, and it was going to take so long, I might have stayed private for another year or so and then gone public… but I don’t think it’s a mistake.”

Michael Novogratz

Novogratz: Bullish investor and Enthusiast Crypto-Proponent

Mike Novogratz is a confessed Bitcoin Bullish. He bets on a Bitcoin reaching 40k by late 2018. He also believes that Ethereum can go as high as 1.5k.

Also, Novogratz is known for believing in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, supporting token investment as a strategy for profit.

In an interview with CNN on May 9 of this year, Novogratz commented that it is “almost irresponsible” not to invest in Bitcoin

He comments that although he regrets that the current hype on the use of cryptos is not the same as it was at the end of 2017, he still has” faith that they will come back.”

Regulations vs Expansion

For Novogratz one of the reasons, he believes that explains the fact that regulatory bodies are currently paying more attention to the crypto market is because of the lack of seriousness and real knowledge of that market by most of the population.

There was a surge of companies that listed in Canada and they all traded really poorly. I think the regulators got a little bit more nervous and said, ‘Hey, wait a minute, let’s make sure we know what we’re seeing here’.

He also commented that Galaxy Digital has high growth expectations. They expect their market to expand not only within Canada but internationally:

“We’re going to be a global company; we want to be globally traded.”

Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd will trade under the GLXY ticker

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Litecoin Price Analysis: Can LTC/USD Hold The $80 Support?

Litecoin Price Analysis LTC USD

Litecoin price failed to recover and declined below $82.50 against the US Dollar. LTC/USD must stay above the $80.00 support to avoid further slides.

Key Talking Points

  • Litecoin price traded further lower and broke a key support at $82.50 (Data feed of Kraken) against the US Dollar.
  • There is a key connecting bearish trend line in place with resistance near $82.00 on the hourly chart of the LTC/USD pair.
  • The pair is facing a couple of crucial resistances like $82.00, $82.50, $84.50 and $85.00.

Litecoin Price Forecast

There was no upward move in litecoin price above the $85.00 resistance level against the US dollar. The LTC/USD pair slowly moved down and broke the $83.00 and $82.50 support levels.

Looking at the chart, the price declined and traded towards a crucial support at $80.00 and settled below the 100 hourly simple moving average. The price traded as low as $79.74 and later started an upward correction.

Litecoin Price Analysis LTC USD

It moved above the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $84.56 high to $79.74 low. However, the upside move was capped by the previous support at $82.50. Moreover, there is a key connecting bearish trend line in place with resistance near $82.00 on the hourly chart of the LTC/USD pair.

The trend line and the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $84.56 high to $79.74 low also acted as a key hurdle. The price is currently under pressure and is declining towards the $81.00 level.

On the downside, the $80.00 support zone is very important. A close below this could accelerate declines in litecoin towards the $75.00 level.

On the other hand, the price has to move above the trend line and the $82.50 resistance to start a recovery. The next resistance is at $83.50 and the 100 hourly SMA.

However, the most important resistance is near the $84.50 and $85.00 levels. As long as litecoin price is below these, it remains at a risk of more declines below $80.00.

The market data is provided by TradingView.

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Study: Only 5% Of U.K. Crypto Investors Turn A Profit

Despite the seemingly endless supply of stories of investors making millions of dollars through cryptocurrencies, a recent report from a U.K.-based news source seems to tell a different story.

As per an article from Express U.K, IW Capital, a legacy markets investment house based in London, recently researched information highlighting the state of cryptocurrency investors in the Western European powerhouse. The data, which was divulged exclusively to Express U.K. reporters, paints a picture that doesn’t seem to be too positive for this nascent industry.

One-third of all of the survey’s respondents noted that they believe that the so-called “Bitcoin bubble” will burst very shortly. Another key figure which was found out in the report was that 38% of the 2,007 surveyed, likely part of the aforementioned group of naysayers, claim to not understand the slightest bit about cryptocurrencies, and the technology behind them. This figure brings up the issue of education, and how many experts note that widespread adoption cannot be achieved without education regarding crypto first.

As IW Capital alludes to, there is a large issue with the levels of knowledge seen in the industry. The report notes:

The data reveals that, fundamentally, Brits do not have enough information or knowledge on the topic of cryptocurrency. In fact, many have no knowledge about the subject whatsoever. Despite a widespread dearth of knowledge surrounding this particular asset class, disconcertingly, 1 in 20 Brits – nearly 3 million – have invested in cryptocurrency without fully understanding it, with only 5 percent having taken advice from a financial adviser when investing in cryptocurrencies.

The report later added that a wide majority of investors in the U.K. see cryptocurrency as an “inferior” investment, while directly comparing this new breed of assets to something like a stock or a government-issued bond. In accordance with the statistics given by IW Capital, only 7% of those involved in the survey see more value in cryptocurrencies in comparison with the investment opportunities offered in traditional markets. It is likely that this aversion towards crypto assets is the direct result of only a small portion of U.K.-based cryptocurrency investors turning a financial profit, just a measly 5% in fact.

However, it is important to note that over 2.5 million Brits have “casually invested” into this asset class, driving a figure that was likely higher before, straight into the ground.

While the 2,007 surveyed may not be fully representative of the entirety of the U.K. population, it is likely that the unfortunate pattern of losses and misunderstanding is prevalent all crypto investors in the country.

These Figures Are “Shocking, But Not Surprising” 

Luke Davis, the CEO of the firm conducting the survey, gave Express a statement regarding the statistics, noting:

It is shocking, but not surprising, to see so much confusion around the topic of cryptocurrency. I do not believe this is a reflection of UK investors’ risk profile, as a positive appetite for alternative finance remains, but to see that investments have been made without proper financial advice and a lack of facts and education is very concerning.

Although it wasn’t explicitly stated, this statement hints that the firm may be slightly anti-crypto, as many other legacy market firms can be. Whether this is due to the reason that they don’t understand this industry, or that they feel rising pressure from crypto assets on their traditional business structure, it is likely that IW may continue to push an agenda that isn’t kind to the cryptocurrency industry.

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Vitalik Buterin: ETFs Should Matter Less Than Global Adoption

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum and one of the most influential personalities within the crypto-verse, commented that the ecosystem’s enthusiasm for cryptocurrency ETFs is not really what people should be focusing on right now.

Currently, the crypto markets are experiencing a bullish run that many fundamental analysts attribute to investors’ expectations for possible approval of crypto ETFs, specially in Bitcoin.

For the mastermind behind Ethereum, the focus should be on adoption rather than speculation:

He criticized the fact that the community is concentrating on aspects that are not important in the long run. From a fundamental point of view, his opinion is well-based. Further adoption would imply the need to acquire more tokens, thus increasing their price. So even from an economic point of view, adoption is attractive to speculators.

In fact, it was precisely the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies what has raised the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum to astronomical levels in less than a decade.

Vitalik Buterin’s words are an intense reflection of the crypto-currency reality nowadays, where one group sees cryptos as a substitute for fiat money and an essential mechanism for future economic transactions, while the other focuses merely on speculation.

Most exchanges have grown thanks to the increase in the number of crypto users, generally of those who are inclined towards speculation. This fact has always been attacked by Vitalik Buterin who has, directly and indirectly, made calls of conscience to the community on several occasions.

Are ETFs THAT Important?

Last week, after the revelation of the SEC’s decision to reject the proposal for a Bitcoin ETF presented by the Winklevoss twins, a drop in Bitcoin prices was triggered, slowing a momentum that was replicated by the rest of the cryptocurrencies.

Also, it is important to note that after the letter from SEC Comm. Hester Pierce rejecting the decision, prices stabilized, and confidence in the markets returned.

There is currently some expectation regarding this issue. Renowned investors have predicted that sooner or later the regulatory bodies will approve ETFs and other financial instruments based on crypto money.

Vitalik Buterin Believes More In Scalability And Less In Speculation

Vitalik Buterin has emphasized that he is working hard on making mass-adoption easier by addressing problems such as scalability or interoperability. Recently, on an interview with Tyler Cowen he said:

“Ethereum blockchain’s capacity right now is about 15 transactions a second. If you even consider something like putting all of the Uber rides on the blockchain, that’s 12 transactions per second already. I do feel just raw ability to process more transactions per second is important, and that could happen through sharding and other base layer scalability upgrades to the system which we are working on”.

Vitalik Buterin

Apparently Bitcoin and Ethereum have already bottomed out; however,  their high volatility has made it essential to be always on the lookout for the latest news. Not only is technical analysis relevant for investments, but in the crypto-verse, fundamental analysis is a tool that is becoming more and more necessary every day.

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Happy Birthday Ethereum!

On a day like today, July 30 of exactly 3 years ago, Ethereum (ETH) took its first steps as an independent blockchain.

The project was promising, and the community was very excited about the potential it could offer for the development of the whole ecosystem. Little did the enthusiasts know how vital Ethereum would become in the evolution of the entire crypto-verse.

In the official blog of the Ethereum Project, Stephan Tual commented on the excitement of the team and thanked the public for their confidence in the project, ensuring that the timeframes would be met as planned:

“A few minutes ago, many of you generated and loaded the Ethereum Genesis block, marking the inception of Frontier, the first Live release of the Ethereum project.

The Dev team joins me in thanking each and everyone of you for your support during the past year and a half. It’s incredible to see the progress that has taken place since that humble first commit on Christmas Eve 2013. The vision of a censorship-proof ‘world computer’ that anyone can program, paying exclusively for what they use and nothing more, is now a reality.”

The promotional video was quite attractive as well, promising to achieve through this new blockchain, many things that the Bitcoin network itself could not:

By then, it was difficult to conceive how far the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies would reach as a revolution not only in the industrial but also in the social sphere. At Bitcointalk, the responses, although mostly optimistic, generated all kinds of reactions.

Some were utterly pessimistic and skeptical. One example might be that of unusualfacts30, who, faced with the team’s impressive promises, only recommended caution as Ethereum seemed too good to be true:

“I don’t get it..looks like pnd to me. May be there is use of Ether for some people but price looks too high. Who is going to pay $5/Ether? or even $1?

I can’t find any info regarding the market value of ether. Biggest wallet has only 11,357 on trex and total supply is one million. What happens when people start transferring their coins to trex to dump…right now it’s at 15x above ICO price.

I c dump soon.”

Others like GaliX decided to trust the new blockchain. Ethereum had that “je ne sais quoi” that touched many:

“Well this is something different compared to all the shitcoins outhere….

There is something behind all this and not just a buy we will develop a lot in the future coin…”

And to be honest, it WAS better than what was imagined by those who said it was too good to be true.

Vitalik Buterin Describes Ethereum To The Average People and Why It's Important
Vitalik Buterin described himself as “Inventor of Ethereum, protocol developer and researcher”

From that day on, Ethereum began a never-ending evolution. Its” birth” marked a new beginning for the world of cryptos. A good number of the tokens that today are quoted in the global market cap run -or have run- on the Ethereum network. Major projects such as Tron, EOS, Golem, OMG, BNB among many others, would not be what they are without the Ethereum network.

Ethereum still has great achievements ahead. The development of technologies such as Casper and Sharding can mark another significant milestone in the development of cryptocurrencies. Beyond the economic merit, the real, social and technological value of Ethereum has proved to be almost incalculable.

For that reason, we are proud to say: Happy Birthday Ethereum!

Courtesy: FNaFgirl3896

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Cryptocurrency Mining CEO Steals $35 Million

Le Minh Tam, the CEO of cryptocurrency mining company Sky Mining, has fled Vietnam with $35 million in stolen assets.

There are a lot of exciting features of the cryptocurrency sphere, but the Wild West nature of the ecosystem does have some drawbacks. The number of fraudulent ICOs and other scams going on can definitely put a dampener on the happiness of a crypto enthusiast. A new crime is putting the bite on quite a few investors in Vietnam as the CEO of a cryptocurrency mining company has apparently absconded, taking with him about $35 million in assets.

Mining CEO Disappears

Sky Mining is a cryptocurrency mining company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The company sold mining rigs that investors paid between $100 to $5,000 for, which the company would use at their various locations to mine cryptocurrency. The investors were promised a full return of their investment after a year, not to mention a profit of up to 300 percent.

The CEO of the company, Le Minh Tam, went missing last Monday. He eventually posted a message on Facebook a few days later, saying that profitability had fallen greatly, as well as apologizing for “everything.” He also said that he was hiding from public view in order to protect his life. He told investors that he would eventually declare bankruptcy for the company and that they should go to the company headquarters to get their investment back.

However, the investors found an empty office. To add insult to injury, 600 mining rigs located in the company’s factory in nearby Bien Hoa Town had been removed by a group of men who said they were maintenance workers.

All in all, it appears that Le Minh Tam fled Vietnam for the United States, taking $35 million in assets with him. It should be noted that the United States does not have an extradition treaty with Vietnam.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Lots of Trouble Recently

Le Minh Hieu, the deputy chairman of the company, said he has created a temporary board of 16 members. The board is to find out what assets are remaining and how best to help investors. That’s easier said than done as Tam directly oversaw all the operations and storage.

This isn’t the first case where cryptocurrency mining has run into legal mischief. Last month, Chinese law enforcement arrested a man who conned investors out of $15 million after he defaulted on over 3,000 orders for mining rigs. A few weeks before that, a Chinese crypto miner was arrested for stealing 150,000 kW hours of electricity to power his operation.

Just last week, investors in Hong Kong filed criminal complaints against a company that sold them mining rigs. The promised financial rewards never materialized. Investors were promised to make up to almost $300 a day, but they wound up making only a few dollars instead.

As for Vietnam, now is not a good time for cryptocurrency within the country. The government’s State Securities Commission has essentially banned almost all cryptocurrency-related activities, putting a stranglehold on the entire industry.

Do you think law enforcement will eventually track down CEO Le Minh Tam? Let us know in the comments below.

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ICOs Are More Than Just Potentially Shady Projects

Initial coin offerings are still a controversial prospect in the financial sector. A growing number of fraudulent projects makes this industry appear far less legitimate. It is these scams which get all of the attention, leaving legitimate ICOs out in the cold. Turning this situation around will not be easy.

Making ICOs More Appealing

A few key factors about initial coin offerings often stand out. First of all, these projects raise millions of dollars in very quick succession. For most companies, it takes them a few weeks to cap out at a value of $5 million to $20 million without issues. All of this positive attention confirms the interest in ICOs has not waned in the slightest. Throughout early 2018, more money has been raised compared to all of 2017 combined.

The second key factor is the number of scams and fraudulent projects. Initial coin offerings are not always legitimate and trustworthy. It is believed over eight in ten projects are fraudulent for a wide variety of reasons. This is a worrisome statistic which makes initial coin offerings less appealing. Despite the negative trend, a lot of legitimate projects successfully raise money as well.

Finding the right ICO business model for a specific use case is not easy. Different options can be explored in this regard. However, they all need to comply with existing legal, financial, and regulatory guidelines. A lot of countries are still drafting guidelines for initial coin offerings. Any upcoming changes need to be incorporated by projects as soon as possible.


The Positive Aspects Matter

For all the negative attention initial coin offerings receive, their true potential shouldn’t be overlooked. This new way of raising money can help create a completely new economic ecosystem. Companies can raise money without dealing with venture capitalists. Consumers can invest in projects they believe in and potentially reap the rewards in the long run. Innovation is both supported and rewarded through initial coin offerings.

These are still the early stages of the ICO industry. It is only normal that a lengthy period of trial and error needs to be conducted. Based on the current status of the industry, regulators can formulate proper guidelines for companies to adhere to. The bad projects will need to be weeded out as soon as possible. With the SEC cracking down on fraudulent ICOs, an important initial step has been taken.

How the ICO industry will evolve is difficult to predict. Some countries actively ban this type of activity altogether. Others, such as Malta, keep a more open mind toward initial coin offerings. New innovation hubs will emerge thanks to positive regulatory developments. Those changes will create a more robust ICO industry all participants can benefit from.

Have you been burned by a fraudulent ICO? Let us know in the comments below.

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You Can Now Buy Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship with Bitcoin

Individuals are now allowed to buy their Antigua and Barbuda citizenship with Bitcoin and with other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin for Citizenship

The Lower House of Parliament passed a resolution July, amending Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Programme Act. The move allows individuals to purchase citizenship for the country with Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. The act also extended the capacity for payments in Euros.

Speaking on the matter, the country’s Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, noted:

Not only are we providing the capacity for payment in Euros, but we are also proving for payments using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Facilitating Cryptocurrency Payments is ‘Quintessential’

Going further, the country’s Prime Minister also noted that “moving money” is important. As such, he added:

So it is quintessential that we have a payment mechanism that could facilitate payments in cryptocurrencies.

Browne also outlined that by making a move of this kind, the country is expanding its market substantially. This is because it has numerous cryptocurrency investors who might be willing to purchase a citizenship but only if they are allowed to pay in cryptocurrencies.

Understanding the need to stay competitive even at a governmental level, the Prime Minister noted:

If you do not accept the cryptocurrency then you would be literally locked out of that market.

Regardless, the country’s position on cryptocurrencies remains fairly distant, realizing their rather nascent stage of development and substantial volatility. Attesting to this is the fact that the country won’t be holding any amounts of cryptocurrencies. Instead, it will immediately convert them to US dollars on a daily basis.

What do you think of Antigua and Barbuda’s policy to allow the purchase of citizenship with cryptocurrencies? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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Bitcoin Mining Game Blockchain Tycoon Launching on Steam

Cryptocurrency and blockchain-oriented games are making their way to Steam. Blockchain Tycoon is a new offering which lets anyone start their own blockchain business. It also shows how difficult setting up a mining operation can be. There is a lot more to such a business model than meets the eye.

Blockchain Tycoon Has Potential

Over the years, the gaming industry has noted a peculiar trend. Simulation games are finding their niche markets with relative ease. Ranging from Goat Simulator to Farming Simulator 2018, these offerings strike a chord with their player base. Wamill Software feels now is a good time to launch Blockchain Tycoon. It is a brand new game which focuses on letting players set up their own cryptocurrency firm.

Managing a warehouse filled with cryptocurrency mining equipment sounds straightforward. In reality, it is very different from what most novice enthusiasts may expect. Different factors need to be taken into account at all times. This includes hash rate fluctuations, failing hardware, electricity costs, cooling, and so forth. Players will also need to hire experts to help them run the day-to-day operations of this mining venture.

Competition will emerge within the game fairly quickly. In the real world, mining cryptocurrency is a very competitive business. Blockchain Tycoon mimics this situation in a fairly realistic manner. More competition results in a higher mining difficulty. As a mining firm operator, players will need to deal with these challenges as time progresses. A game like this would not be complete without fluctuating cryptocurrency prices. It is another “risk factor” players need to be aware of at all times.

A Positive Spin on Bitcoin Mining

The launch of Blockchain Tycoon comes at a crucial time for the cryptocurrency mining industry. Various reports have been published alleging the dangers posed by Bitcoin mining. Its steep electricity use and “waste of energy” are two big factors utility regulators are concerned about.

This new Steam game teaches people how cryptocurrency mining works and what it entails. It is an educative game, in this regard. During the Early Access stage, Blockchain Tycoon will offer limited features and functionality. Based on user feedback, things will improve gradually prior to fully launching the game. Considering how the Early Access price is just $9.99, it may be a game well worth checking out.

Anyone who is interested in Bitcoin or the mining aspect can learn something from this offering. It is another sign of how cryptocurrency continues to mature as an industry. There is still plenty of work to be done prior to achieving mainstream adoption. Games like these pave the way for bigger and better things in the future. It’s just too bad that Steam is no longer accepting Bitcoin as a payment option.

Will you be playing Blockchain Tycoon? Let us know in the comments below.

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